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The Times names Juro in top 10 innovative legal technology businesses ⚡

We were thrilled to be featured today in The Times alongside leading legal tech businesses including DoNotPay, TrademarkNow and F-Lex, who are “poised to take the legal sector by storm”.

If the commentators are to be believed, it seems the legal industry really is at a tipping point in terms of technology adoption and we are proud to be playing our part. And for the Juro team, who spend unnatural amounts of time obsessing over product, it is great to have our efforts recognised in this way.

As the article mentions, we are now working with some of the world’s most innovative businesses — Deliveroo, Unbabel, Hostmaker included — who have helped us shape our vision to make contracts seamless, secure and human. And we are proud to have behind us a world class team of investors to help make our vision a reality. We are hugely grateful to them.

You can read the full article online here

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