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Juro & Unbabel’s AI romance

We have long been fans of Unbabel.

With AI machine translation engines and a community of over 50,000 linguists, Unbabel provides multilingual comms to the likes of Trello, Pinterest, Skyscanner and Oculus.

Unbabel wanted to give their customers the same smart, integrated, intuitive experience with contracts as they deliver every day with translations. We are thrilled that they chose Juro’s AI-enabled contract management platform to make this happen.


We started by powering sales contracts for Unbabel’s enterprise customers. From there, we were quickly asked to power NDAs and HR documents for 15 monthly active users and growing. We are now proud to be their contract management provider of choice, integrated into their core systems via our API and covering contract generation, negotiation, electronic signing and data management.

It is always great when you find a champion customer who really shares your vision. At the core of our relationship with Unbabel is a belief in the immeasurable benefits that real-world applications of AI can bring to business. Going beyond the hype, and delivering real value for customers. In their case, seamless translations in multiple languages for customer comms; in ours, dramatic time reductions, faster closing times and helping customers become data driven.

It has been a huge pleasure to work with Unbabel over the last 6 months during a time of rapid growth for Juro. Edmund and his team have helped to shape our vision in the way only a champion customer can. As you can probably tell, we have a bit of a customer romance going on with these guys. Check them out at Unbabel.com.

Read how Juro is helping Unbabel with contract management here. 📃 ✨

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