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Welcome Emily: Juro's new Sales Manager

Emily recently joined Juro as a Sales Manager. On international women's day we can think of no better way to mark the day than to have Emily join our team. Originally from Canada, Emily will be working with our key partners and customers.

Hey Emily, welcome to the team! Tell us a bit about your journey to Juro.

What are you responsible for at Juro?

I’m responsible for all things sales!

What got you interested in legal tech in the first place?

The legal space is one of the last industries to adopt technology and for that reason, there aren’t many great solutions in the market. There is a big shift happening at the moment and you have this massively underserved market in desperate need of a solution. Juro is providing them with a solution that not only solves their problems, but is changing the way an entire industry operates - exciting.

Which trends do you see happening for in house legal teams in 2018?

GDPR coming into play is adding more to the plate for most companies and putting them under a lot of pressure. I think with that, we will see the adoption of technology skyrocket in 2018 because it will help to alleviate workload, ensure compliance and allow teams to stay ahead. Legal teams are starting to think about designing better processes, and we're loving helping out with that.

How do you think your experience in working with sales and HR teams in previous roles will help you?

I think my previous experience will certainly help in a number of ways. There are lots of stakeholders in a Juro deployment. Advising different groups of individuals, whether it’s to CEO’s, legal people, HR people etc. allows you to understand different behaviours. This is really key as we can tailor Juro to fit different clients and solve various problems. You also tend to see differences when selling B2B (vs B2C) and when selling a SaaS product. Having experience in both will certainly help.

What is your top tip for negotiating and closing sales contracts?

Fail fast!

What has been the best thing about working at Juro so far?

It’s a tough choice between the team and the product 😉. They’re both amazing. Everyone is truly passionate about what they’re doing and it’s contagious. The product is beautiful, intuitive, and provides tremendous value to our customers. I’m very excited to be onboard!

If you were trapped on a desert island, which 3 items would you bring?

  • A never ending piña colada fountain
  • iPhone that has 1000’s of audio books downloaded onto it
  • Solar powered iPhone charger

Thanks Emily - welcome to the team!

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