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In-house lawyers often lack time, resource and the headcount they’d like. So something that would help you focus only on the biggest risks, the real value-adds and the quickest wins seems like a no-brainer, right? That’s what becoming data-driven should mean to an in-house lawyer, but the question of how to get started is often a difficult one. Why? Because lawyers feel that they need time, resource and headcount to do that. Three things we just agreed they don’t often have.

If you want the wins that data can bring but are unsure where to get started - or how to sell it to your company - then you’re not alone. Data analytics is a core competency of CLOC, which is helping lawyers unlock the value of their data in a way that works for them day-to-day. We’re holding a live webinar at 5pm GMT (BST) on Tuesday, August 14, to grill the experts on how data fits in to legal operations, and how to equip your team with the tools they need.

Our panel

Stephanie Corey - Co-founder, CLOC
Lucy Endel Bassli - Chief legal strategist, LawGeex
Sarah Barrett-Vane - Legal operations consultant
Richard Mabey - CEO and co-founder, Juro

Where should your data firepower be pointing? How do you assemble your toolkit, and what should be in it? How can your team use data in ways that will have a measurable impact on the business’ success? Can becoming data-driven improve legal’s image in the wider business? What’s the most valuable insight that good data can unearth for you? We’ll tackle all these questions and more, and of course any questions you’d like to throw at our experts.

As a fast-growth SaaS company, we’re hugely aware of the value that derives from getting your data infrastructure sound at the outset; but for mature companies, changing the approach to data may be just as much of a cultural challenge than a technological one. But regardless of where you’re at, the importance of becoming data-driven - and the opportunities available if you do - are too big to ignore. If you can point to hard evidence about which contractual clauses tend to be negotiated, and which tend to be waved through, it will point out the quick wins for your in-house team. If you can show how and where you’re decreasing legal spend, your GC will thank you. If your key aim in legal operations is to show ROI – for yourself and for the business – then there are few things more important than generating usable hard numbers. Sign up and join us for this live webinar to find out what becoming data-driven could do for you.

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