Welcome Alex: Juro’s new Director of Customer Success

Richard Mabey, 1 July 2019

Inside Juro

Alex recently joined Juro as Director of Customer Success. Previously with Qubit, Alex will be working with our champion customers.

Hey Alex, welcome to the team! Why did you decide to join Juro?

I had been at Qubit for four and half years in a variety of different roles and wanted an opportunity to transfer those learnings and build something. Once I had researched Juro and met with Richard and Pavel this seemed the perfect opportunity to do that, it is a really exciting product in a space which is ripe for disruption.

What are you responsible for at Juro?

Me and my team are responsible for anything that involves Juro’s customers; from scoping engagements during the sales process through to customers becoming advocates and partnering with Juro for years to come.

What got you interested in legal tech in the first place?

Software has disrupted so many industries, it is only just beginning to happen in a meaningful way in legal so my interest was sparked.

What does world class customer success look like?

A customer base who cannot live without your product and advocate for it at any opportunity.

What has been the best thing about working at Juro so far?

At any start-up you encounter challenges every day, everyone at Juro embraces, tackles and then learns from these challenges.

If you were trapped on a desert island, which 3 items would you bring?

  • Newspaper subscription - being able to read the newspaper every day would keep me sane
  • Football - again an item which could keep me sane, I could also develop a cracking Tom Hanks in Castaway impression
  • Flare gun - there would be nothing more frustrating than seeing a potential rescuer and not being able to alert them to your presence

Thanks Alex - welcome to the team!

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