Why we’re writing an eBook on legal operations

Richard Mabey, 1 July 2019

Legal operations

Legal operations is so important, we’re writing an eBook on how to make it work for your company right now, with experts exploring its key competencies. 

There are plenty of issues we’re passionate about here at Juro. Legal design; data’s love-affair with legal; our customers. But legal operations is so important that we’re writing an entire eBook about it, Legal operations: how to do it and why it matters, with more than a dozen expert contributors, which we’re excited to share with you all next month.

But why? What is legal operations? Knowledge of legal ops is gaining ground quickly in the UK but it’s still some way behind the US, where the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) really defined the discipline for all our benefit. UpLevel Ops’ General Partner, Stephanie Corey, was with CLOC at the outset: she explained legal ops on our webinar last month, summarising it as "the business approach to managing any legal department - because it doesn’t always make sense to have lawyers running every aspect of the legal function." Her full answer on legal ops is worth a listen. Sign up to hear about further webinars.

So why would we write about it? The simple answer is that our customers want to hear about it. We saw a huge level of interest and participation in our webinar on the subject, with attendees from both sides of the pond and a group of companies that ranged from tech and banking giants to law firms, startups, mid-sized companies and fellow vendors. We commissioned the webinar itself after a strong reaction to our piece on how to make your mark in legal ops.

"We know just how hard UK in-house lawyers are working to deliver more with less, find efficiencies, modernise their legal departments and deliver across as many competencies as possible"

But beyond that, we also see a difference between our US and UK customers in terms of their understanding of ‘legal operations’, as a narrow term. That being said, we know just how hard UK in-house lawyers are working to deliver more with less, find efficiencies, modernise their legal departments, deliver across as many competencies as possible, and generally become a true, value-adding business partner to the business. They may not call it ‘legal ops’ and they may not have the budget to hire a dedicated legal ops resource yet, but it’s clear that legal operations is a big part of daily life for forward-thinking UK in-house lawyers.

That’s why we want to share what we’ve learned about legal ops, through implementing efficient solutions for our innovative customers, like Skyscanner and Deliveroo. More importantly, we want to share the insights and experiences of expert thought leaders from around the world. Our contributors include GCs, heads of legal, heads of legal operations and VPs; their companies have included S&P100 and NASDAQ100 components, fintech unicorns, British retail giants, ALSPs, and the membership organisations helping to define legal operations and move in-house legal forward. We can’t wait to share their insights with you.

You can download the full eBook - Legal Operations: how to do it and why it matters - for free now. But don’t forget to read what we’ve already put out: check out CLOC Australia’s Mick Sheehy on strategic planning; Assurant’s Head of Legal Ops, Jameson Monteiro, on financial management; Habito’s VP Head of Legal, Rohan Paramesh, on records management and information governance; DPA Professionals' General Counsel & Executive Director Legal Operations, Max Hübner, on service delivery; and Fleetcor Europe’s VP Head of Legal, Natalie Salunke, on organisational design. Follow us on LinkedIn for all the updates, and if you’d like to contribute to the conversation on legal operations with a post on our blog, just get in touch.

The eBook reflects the views of our contributors, not those of Juro nor those of CLOC.

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