Welcome Tom: Juro’s new Head of Content

Alice de Courcy, 1 July 2019

Tom recently joined Juro as Head of Content. Previously with Investec, Tom will be helping the Juro community shake up the world of contracting, legal tech and legal design.

Hey Tom, welcome to the team! Why did you decide to join to Juro?

I encountered Juro while I was writing a feature about legal startups. It’s a sector buzzing with noise and hype, but as I got know Juro it was immediately apparent that they were for real, with a dazzling product, A-list clients, and a story to tell. The opportunity to shape that message and be part of its success was too good to pass up.

What are you responsible for at Juro?

Content covers what we say, where, how, and to whom; but it’s also about growing an audience, driving a conversation, and making sure the ethos and values of Juro comes through in our conversations with the outside world. I’ll be owning and driving forward our content across all channels, and making sure it reflects the simplicity and humanity of the product here.

What got you interested in legal tech in the first place?

I used to work for Thomson Reuters, who partnered with the Legal Geek community early on. In an industry that’s not always open to change and innovation, legal tech should be the shot in the arm that lawyers need - not just to improve how they work, but more importantly to improve the experience and outcomes for the end-users of legal. Meaning actual real people.

How and where did you sign your Juro contract?

On my mobile phone, with my finger, walking through the park. Didn't even break stride. It was great early exposure to our killer product features!

What does world-class content look like?

I’ve always admired companies or outlets that do one thing superbly rather than lots of things averagely. Great content should build trust and authority and provoke engagement - otherwise we’ve all got better things to do with our time. In a more concrete sense, brevity is almost never a bad thing; balancing that ethos with the need to optimise pages and channels is the tricky part!

What is the hardest thing about what you are working on?

Moving from a huge, international, multi-stakeholder environment where you might see the CEO in the lift every six months, to one where you can lean over his or her shoulder and make them write something, is a big change. It means that our internal timescales are short, where our customers’ might be much longer - but it’s a challenge that should be rewarding to meet.

What is your top tip for contract zen?

As a writer, there are almost no problems brevity can’t solve. That goes for contracts too.

What has been the best thing about working at Juro so far?

Having the freedom to take ideas and run with them immediately is a dream scenario, especially for a writer. As I’d worked with Juro informally before joining, it was great to finally be able to work directly with the talented people I’d previously met at the end of a phone line. The much-vaunted dog has yet to appear though, so there are improvements to be made.

If you were trapped on a desert island, which 3 items would you bring?

Assuming I can’t bring my cats and my wife … could I bring a picture of them? Failing that, a fridge, a piano, and something that runs Spotify. And a cat, please.

Thanks Tom - welcome to the team!

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