Live webinar: Close faster with Juro for Salesforce

Emily Zukauskas, 1 July 2019

Join our live webinar on 3rd October at 13.00 BST to find out how our Salesforce integration lets you perform contract magic with Juro. 

We know that for a contract management platform actually to deliver ROI, it needs to be widely adopted by sales. Our design-first approach means that adoption is never a problem for Juro customers, but to help our sales users, we know that the ideal experience is to let them handle contracts where they do everything else - in Salesforce.

Our team will show you how to create contracts in Salesforce with a few clicks and get to yes faster, by taking advantage of:

  • Auto-synced contract data that means you’ll never see a contract sent back by legal again

  • Dynamic product tables that update your contracts in Juro when you make changes in Salesforce

  • The ability to send out contracts for signing directly from Salesforce

As Juro’s Sales Manager, I use our Salesforce integration every day as Juro wins new customers. I'll talk through the sales user experience, with real examples from my day-to-day work. Joining me will be our CEO Richard Mabey; as a former corporate lawyer at Freshfields, Richard has plenty of first-hand experience of how constant back-and-forth with legal can block closing - that’s why he founded Juro. Our Director of Customer Success, Alex McPhie, takes the lead on getting our customers up and running with their Salesforce integration, helping them get to value as fast as possible and making faster closing a daily reality.

We’ll work through actionable insights on how Juro could accelerate your contracts and help your business grow. Join us on 3rd October at 13.00 BST and find out how to close faster with Salesforce and Juro. 

Topics: Legal operations



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