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Welcome Kirsty: Juro’s new Sales Development Representative

Kirsty recently joined Juro as Sales Development Representative. Previously with Dealflo, Kirsty will be working with our key partners and customers.

Hey Kirsty, welcome to the team! Why did you decide to join to Juro?

Hi, and thank you! I decided to join Juro because I loved the emphasis that they put on their customers and I was really impressed by the traction they had made in the legal tech community so quickly.

What are you responsible for at Juro?

Juro has a great bunch of customers to date and so I’m responsible for adding some more to this list.

What got you interested in legaltech in the first place?

The legal industry definitely hasn’t seen as much disruption as other industries like travel and finance. The idea of being part of this relatively untouched industry which is bound to grow, and quickly, is something that piqued my interest.

What is the hardest thing about what you are working on?

The target audience for Juro is very far removed from what I was used to in my previous role so getting to grips with that has been quite difficult. Definitely a lot of reading and research to get up to speed.

What is your top tip for finding new customers?

I’d say- listen as much as possible to what people are saying be it on LinkedIn, at events, in blogs, etc.

What has been the best thing about working at Juro so far?

Definitely Yoshi the office dog!

If you were trapped on a desert island, which 3 items would you bring?

A hammock, snacks and a kindle- may as well enjoy my extended vacation.

Thanks Kirsty - welcome to the team!

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