eBook: Legal operations - how to do it and why it matters

Richard Mabey, 1 July 2019

Download our free eBook - Legal operations: how to do it and why it matters - to hear from more than a dozen experts from the world's best companies on how to make legal operations work for your in-house legal department right now.

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After months of work and dozens of interviews, our eBook, 'Legal operations: how to do it and why it matters', is finally ready. Gathering the insights of legal operations experts from across different industries, countries and sectors has been a fascinating task. The companies featured vary hugely in their profile, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to fintech startups with explosive growth, but the challenges they face in legal are often similar. What data should I track? How do I set my team up the right way? Where do I find more value in my outside counsel? Where do I start?

In this eBook, we feature a recognised expert for each of the 12 competencies that make up the CLOC framework on legal operations. Each individual shares their experiences making a success of their area, as well as their practical advice to help any company - large or small - to take a step forward and make their legal function more efficient, effective, and equipped to become a genuine strategic business partner. Whether that's something simple like building the right spreadsheets, or something more complex like buying contract management software, this book will help you ask the right questions and identify the right priorities to pursue.

Download the free eBook, 'Legal operations: how to do it and why it matters'

Dean Nash, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer at Monzo, explains what happens when legal at a fintech mirrors the software engineers growing the product at lightning speed. Lucy Endel Bassli, former Assistant GC at Microsoft, sets out how to get started with becoming data-driven, and the benefits available when you get there. Mike Russell, Lean Leader for Legal Ops at Ingersoll-Rand, explains how to align legal with other business functions when there’s $1bn in legal spend on the line; and CLOC Australia's leader, Mick Sheehy, recalls the time when Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy changed the power dynamic in legal overnight - and how smart planning and strategy helped his company to thrive.

Max Hübner, GC and Executive Director of Legal Operations at DPA Professionals, shares insights on internal client satisfaction surveys for legal - a project for which he was nominated for an award. Natalie Salunke, VP and Head of Legal for Europe at Fleetcor, explains how to map resources to the point of need in globalised teams; and Halebury CEO Denise Nurse outlines what best practice actually looks like when managing vendors. Assurant's Head of Legal Operations, Jameson Monteiro, explains how financial management can give lawyers that long-promised seat at the table, while Jason Macarthur, former Head of Legal Operations at Minter Ellison, explores new methods of communication that could help your team to modernise.

"Each individual shares their experiences, as well as their practical advice to help any company - large or small - to take a step forward and make their legal function more efficient"

Glenn O'Brien brings his decade of experience managing e-discovery to bear and analyses whether modern tools are fit for purpose when it comes to litigation support. Faye Moran, Senior Legal Operations Manager at retail giant Marks & Spencer, shares her insights on optimising IP management to protect a company's precious assets. Leif Frykman, Founder and Chairman at LegalWorks Nordic, reflects on his experiences building an in-house KM system from the ground up at Sun Microsystems, and Habito's VP Head of Legal, Rohan Paramesh, discusses the importance of retaining corporate memory through good information governance - and how it can help your company grow.

Above all you’ll hear from leaders who’ve seen it, done it, and have the war stories to prove it. None moreso than Bjarne Tellmann, GC and CLO at Pearson, who provided our foreword and literally wrote the book on building an outstanding legal team. I'm grateful to each of our authors, and I hope you enjoy reading this eBook as much as we have enjoyed making it. Please share your reactions with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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