Legal Design Geek - Live!

Tom Bangay, 1 July 2019

Legal Design Geek is a new one-day event exploring design thinking in legal with the industry's most innovative minds. Follow it LIVE with updates from the Juro team.

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⏰ 16.30

Jack closes out the day on stage after a mass-LinkedIn exchange to help bring this community closer together. Another great event from Legal Geek - we look forward to next year already, but browse our blog for all things legal design. Now time for a 🍻🍻🍻 👋

⏰ 16.25

Our client onboarding superhero Josephine rocks the open mic by sharing her journey from Freshfields to Juro - and encourages anyone else looking for a non-traditional career to have a look at the options out there. It's also incumbent on educators and startups to reach out to young people.

⏰ 16.16

Legal design hall-of-famer Emma Jelley is asking us to share a tip about how to further our personal journeys - so many experiences in this room that could be helpful to fellow attendees. Let's share our insights and help to democratise law!

⏰ 16.00

Balloons on stage! Tension grips the crowd but this is actually making a serious point about empathy in design.

⏰ 15.52

Nicole Bradick hit the nail on the head 🔨😵 yesterday when she said:

Your features don't matter in your software if your interface sucks

We couldn't agree more! She's back and telling us what legal does badly.

  • Unrealistic about goals
  • Lack of validation
  • No design
  • Lack of familiarity

Be more like Apple Car Play! Create things with no friction and no time for learning required.

⏰ 15.40

There is no other legal conference in the world fun enough to risk an open mic session with lawyers in the room. But Legal Geek is no ordinary conference. First up, a non-lawyer from Refugee Action!

⏰ 15.15

Filter coffee has been replenished! Energy levels in the room are rising and it seems likely that someone will bring us impromptu karaoke on the open mic. 🎙

⏰ 14.45

24 of the chosen few have gone to play with Lego. But in a serious, design-centric way! 🛠 After this break there's a long open mic session where people can share their learnings and their views on what's been discussed.

⏰ 14.19

Johannes Schleit at Thomson Reuters labs is talking about marrying design with data science. Creating a user-centered approach with data science is a challenge in an environment that includes everyone from lawyers and paralegals to actual human beings - but more datapoints means more insight.

⏰ 13.40

John Craske at CMS UK has seen lawyers at their desk physically counting rows in a spreadsheet. We've all seen it too 😪 Embrace the pivot table!

⏰ 13.15

Legal design enthusiasts are also enthusiastic about lunch, and Legal Geek has them covered with two bowls each. But carrying two bowls leave no hands for cutlery. Is the lunch itself a design thinking puzzle?

⏰ 12.37

Marie presenting an early version of our world-beating collaboration on an SLA - coming soon! Find out more about reimagining design-first SLAs.

⏰ 12.33

Marie is talking through Dot's work on the Finnish arbitration portal - it's a super-cool, frictionless flow.

⏰ 12.28

Marie Potel-Saville of Dot is on stage taking legal design from theory to concrete examples - real-world use cases, like the digital native influencer agreement. Why force influencers' requirements into a rigid template - why not work the other way around and start with what the users want? This led her to a web page design that feels familiar and comfortable to influencers.

⏰ 12.24

Dawn Watkins of the University of Leicester had one of the coolest presentations yesterday - using gamification, design thinking and visual resources to help children learn about, and engage with, their legal rights and responsibilities. Check out Adventures with Lex to find out more!

⏰ 12.10

Astrid Kohlmeise is on stage - she was so inspired by designers she met that she went to study it herself. One of her first challenges was making lawyers seem human - no mean feat - by bringing their personal stories and basis of trust into the digital environment.

⏰ 11.41

If users in the business don't want to engage with you, that's the least compliant place you can be

Rebecca Wint dropping truth bombs on stage - design isn't a nice-to-have if your legal UX is so bad that people aren't reading your materials.

⏰ 11.30

The coffee supplies at the back of the room have taken a major hit ☕️☕️☕️ and we're back underway. Rebecca Wint from global innovation and design consultancy IDEO is talking through the challenges users face across all areas of the legal industry.

⏰ 10.45

Pssst ... check out the Companies House integration in action - a bit of contract magic ✨


⏰ 10.35

Our CEO Richard Mabey calls out design heroes like IDEO and Google, very much inspirations for Juro's design-first product that enables high adoption rather than contract management systems that nobody uses. Check out how we built our viral privacy policy.

⏰ 10.25

We don't need a mandate, we need a movement

Rallying cry as Meera wraps up, and hands over to Alex Smith of Reed Smith. He underlines the importance of actually talking to real-life lawyers. At length. No, really! He also gives a shout-out to the MoJ's digital team who are forging ahead with ground-breaking reforms to courts and tribunals.

⏰ 10.10

Meera Klemola, co-founder of legal design consultancy Dot, kicks us off on the main stage.

Legal design isn't just about visualising documents - it's really about shifting our mindsets

Meera sets out four principles that should drive successful design thinking.

Your process should be:

  1. Human-centered
  2. Focus on diversity and co-creation
  3. Embrace divergent thinking; and
  4. Fail fast, iterating often.

If you want to find out more about how to conduct a legal design sprint, check out our step-by-step guide from earlier this year.

⏰ 09.15 - Legal's hottest new trend

The morning after the night before, our friends at Legal Geek have created an entirely new event, focused on our favourite topic - legal design. Putting users at the centre of legal processes and working backwards is at the heart of our product at Juro, but we're always looking to explore design thinking across all parts of legal. If you're travelling to the conference, check out our series on legal documents ready for redesign.


As headline co-sponsors, our whole commercial team is at the event today - come find us to discuss all things legal design. If design's not your thing, check out what happened yesterday at Legal Geek. And don't forget to download our free eBook on Legal operations - how to do it and why it matters.

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