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Webinar: Legal operations - from nothing to something

When resources are tight, what first steps can you take to optimise legal operations? Join our live webinar 📺 on 9 November 2018 to find out.

Legal operations can transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your legal department, but it can feel intimidating knowing where to start. Do I build some spreadsheets? Do I hire someone? Which departments in the company should I align with, and how do I prioritise which ones?

Followers of Juro will know we're so passionate about legal operations that we wrote an eBook on the subject. But if you've read the book - and even if you haven't - your next question might be: how do I get started at my company? What are the first steps to becoming more efficient - and proving it? We've put together a live webinar featuring a panel of legal operations experts to guide you on the path to a more effective in-house legal function, and field your questions on how to succeed at your company.

Join our panel for the live webinar at 12.30 GMT on 9 November 2018. Sign up here.

Holly Manvell is Deputy Company Secretary & Head of Legal Operations at Trainline, Europe’s leading independent rail and coach platform. As well as ensuring Trainline remains statutorily compliant, she is responsible for implementing new systems and processes across the business to enable swift, efficient and high-quality delivery of Trainline’s legal, governance and compliance operations.

Natalie Salunke is Vice President & Head of Legal - Europe at FLEETCOR. As well as writing a chapter on organisational design for our eBook, Natalie has held senior roles at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, NetSuite (now part of Oracle) and SaaS provider Venda. In these roles she has been responsible for all company legal matters including adopting an advisory role in relation to the group’s shareholders, board of directors and executive management.

We'll cover things like:

  • Communications: three ways to reduce your email burden
  • Data analytics: if you can only monitor one number, what should it be?
  • Organizational design: you're hiring the second lawyer in your company. What skillset should you look for?
  • Technology & process support: what tech hacks can you do with the office software you already have?
  • Cross-functional alignment: who's the one ally elsewhere in the business you should focus on aligning with?
  • Vendor management: what's the single most valuable behavioural change you should ask for from your external counsel?
  • Financial management: if you're the only in-house lawyer and you only have time to build one spreadsheet, what should it be?
  • Questions from the audience

Join us on 9 November to find out to move from nothing to something and achieve real results in legal operations at your company.

Join our panel for the live webinar at 12.30 GMT on 9 November 2018. Sign up here.

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