Watch the webinar: legal operations - from nothing to something

Richard Mabey, 1 July 2019

Legal operations

Missed our live webinar? Experts from Spotify, Fleetcor and the Trainline shared their tips on how to start your journey to a more efficient legal function. Watch the video to find out what happened.

Interest in legal operations has never been higher - that's why we wrote a book on the subject - but the key question for many is where to start. You might not have the budget, the time nor the backing to hire in a legal ops function; but making your department more efficient is still a mandate you need to deliver. We gathered three experts to work out how to move from nothing to something in legal operations, and get the quick wins that will set you on the path to success.

Hear from Amy Jacoby, legal operations manager at Spotify; Natalie Salunke, VP Head of Legal, Europe, at Fleetcor; and Holly Manvell, deputy company secretary and head of legal operations at Trainline. Each has experience in making an immediate impact for legal. Below the video you can see the questions we tackled.


Watch the recording to find out about:

  • Communications: what concrete steps can you take to reduce your email burden?

  • Technology & process support: what tech hacks can you do with the office software you already have?

  • Organizational design: you're hiring the second lawyer in your company. What skillset should you look for?

  • Cross-functional alignment: who's the one ally elsewhere in the business you should focus on aligning with?

  • Vendor management: what's the single most valuable behavioural change you should ask from your external counsel?

  • Data analytics: if you can only monitor one number, what should it be?

  • Financial management: if you're the only in-house lawyer and you only have time to build one spreadsheet, what should it be?

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