Webinar: create contract magic and scale your legal workflow

Emily Zukauskas, 1 July 2019

Looking to accelerate contracts, remove friction, unplug bottlenecks and deliver a delightful experience that ensures collaboration? Join our live webinar 📺 at 1pm on 29 November 2018 to find out how to do all this, and more, with contract magic✨ from Juro.

In our webinar last month, we discussed how to use Juro's Salesforce integration to increase closing and get to yes faster. This month we're exploring Juro's end-to-end workflow: how can you drive efficiencies, ROI, and a delightful experience, at each stage of the contract process?

We'll cover:

  • How to work smarter and faster with internal collaboration
  • How to delight your users by creating a contract through our conversational Q&A flow
  • How to keep control through seamless approval workflow within your browser
  • How to get to yes faster with mobile-responsive documents and legally binding e-signature on any device

Juro users have typically seen 96% time savings on contracts, and enjoyed ease of use that means wide adoption, helping legal to scale across multiple jurisdictions simultaneously. You can find out more with our case studies from Deliveroo and Nested.

Our team, Josephine Hanschke, Emily Zukauskas and Richard Mabey will guide you through actionable solutions in 30 minutes, with a live Q&A to follow. Save your spot now and get started on your journey to faster, smarter, more collaborative contracts.

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