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Webinar: how to hire a high-growth legal team

Scaling legal can be tricky - when are you ready to hire, what's the role you need, and where will you find the right people? Join our live webinar 📺 on 26 March 2019 to find out how to hire a high-growth legal team for your business.

Hiring good people - fast - is crucial for tech startups. If you join as a tech GC, you’ll need to do it quickly. But scaling legal can be tricky. The GC of one of the UK's fintech unicorns told us that hiring the second lawyer took 30% of his day-to-day bandwidth - an unsustainable time cost for a business with a white-hot growth trajectory. So if you need to grow the team, how do you find the right people, and how do you stop the hiring process from ruining your working life?

To find out how to hire the right way, join us for a live webinar on 26 March at 12.30pm UK time. Our expert panel will feature Richard Mabey, CEO at Juro, in conversation with Sam Ross, GC at WorldRemit; Natalie Salunke, VP and Head of Legal, UK, Europe & ANZ at Fleetcor; and Ben Gately, co-founder and COO at CharlieHR.

In the interactive session, we'll cover:

  • When are you ready to hire?
  • How to scope your role and find the right person
  • How to run a scaleable hiring process without ruining your life
  • How to build culture from day one

Plus you'll be able to submit questions on the issues you're facing in your efforts to scale - whether that's interview questions, reference checking, or finding the right cultural fit. Our panelists have built teams and businesses from scratch, in legal and in tech: tune in to find out how their insights could help you scale, and quickly.

If you can’t make the live webinar, please register and we’ll send you the recording afterwards. Sign up below ✨👇

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