Legal for SaaS: The dealmaker

How healthy is your contract process? Take the test

Legal for SaaS: the strategist

Legal for SaaS: the end user champion

Cazoo and Juro create a unified workspace for contracts

How to automate a software licence agreement

Legal for SaaS: the overseer

Introducing Juro's eBook: Legal for SaaS

Lawyer #1: Handling uncertainty during a crisis

How to negotiate a vendor agreement

How to automate a SaaS agreement

10x thinking: legal at Onfido

How we make hiring more human at Juro

Going global: new jurisdictions

How to build a bulletproof business case for contract collaboration

Key learnings from the Tech GC report webinar

Trussle implements Juro to manage contracts in a unified workspace

Your first 90 days: Henry Bennett, Babylon Health

Missguided implements Juro to add value to the business

How can tech scaleups get started with legal data?

How to enable your commercial team

Embracing digital in a paper world

Two thirds of tech GCs ‘buried in low-value work’, 2020 report finds

Mention Me empowers teams to agree and manage contracts with Juro

UiPath: legal operations for hypergrowth

How to ace your interview at Juro

Case study: Contracts that scale with the business

Remote implements Juro to supercharge contract process

Getting privacy right

Case study: business-wide contract collaboration

How to write the perfect offer letter

How legal can enable velocity - Sophie Salisbury, Appear Here

How to be an LGBTQ+ ally

Legal hygiene at scale: Francesca Porter, Onfido

TrueLayer and Juro collaborate to agree contracts faster

Embedding an operations mindset: James Sullivan, Monzo

Case study: Empowering commercial, enhancing candidate experience

Introducing: The remote onboarding guide

Legal for Scaleups: your first funding round

Five signs your contract process is broken

Creating an MVP contracting process: Stephanie Dominy, Snyk

Collaborating on contracts through COVID-19

Building your legal team: Ahmed Badr, GoCardless

Introducing Juro's eBook: Legal for scaleups

Case study: reinventing the candidate experience

Customer onboarding: getting to value quickly

How to automate an Employment Offer Letter

I was onboarded remotely at Juro - here’s how it went.

How to automate a Master Services Agreement (MSA)

How to automate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Case study: managing complex contracts in an effortless workflow

Why lawyers should think about customer acquisition

Case study: how Habito created an off-the-shelf system for contracts

Collaborate remotely: Juro's Basic plans are now free

I worked remote for Juro for a year. Here are 6 ways to make it work

The case against Word: and what to do instead

From Juro: supporting you through the COVID-19 crisis

eBook: Contract automation - start small, win big

How do I manage contracts in Salesforce?

Supporting women in legal - She Breaks the Law

How to manage a distributed legal team - Natalie Salunke, Fleetcor

The right ways of working: Electra Japonas, The Law Boutique

From business prevention unit to value-add: Suzanne Phillips, Zendesk

How to be an effective lawyer - Colin Levy, Salary.com

Lawyer #1: 2020 vision

Why we still run business relationships with Word (and why we need to stop)

Make 2020 the year of action - Denis Potemkin

From law student to legal engineer - Jeremy Huitson, Juro

The legal landscape at Bauer Media - Alice Douglas

USV leads Juro's $5m Series A - what now?

Juro raises $5m Series A from USV

Legal design: the experts speak

Case study: how Tooploox built a scalable contract process

Can contract design build stronger relationships?

Case Study: how Eton Shirts managed the unmanageable

Case study: how Farmdrop made contracts work for everyone

The 2019 Tech GC survey: key findings

How to capture and use contract collaboration data

Can tech make legal collaborative? Willem Wellinghoff, Shieldpay

Designing for yes: how to create contracts people want to sign

The 7 best contract metrics to track - and why you need to start

Case study: how Masabi created a single source of truth

Tech can’t solve bad drafting: six lessons from Ken Adams

FT Intelligent Business names Juro in global contracting top-ten

Stephanie Dominy: balancing technical and legal at Snyk

Lawyer #1: How to really add value to your business

To change legal process, focus on outcomes

Is eSignature globally recognized?

Case study: how Shieldpay used Juro to empower its commercial team

Legal Geek - LIVE!

Introducing the modern contract handbook

Transforming the data landscape: Dan Barrett, Citizens Advice

Nordic Legal Tech Day: 3 lessons for better legal ops

Performance management: finding and managing tomorrow’s sales leaders

Innovator interview: Jimmy Vestbirk, Legal Geek

Tech GCs reveal their top concerns

Legal Innovators conference: Richard Tromans, Artificial Lawyer

The future post-signature with Clause founder Peter Hunn

Pipeline growth and management: getting real about deals

Innovator interview: Bob Mignanelli, Pearson

Sales insight: how and why do lawyers buy legal tech?

Innovator interview: Lieke Beelen, Visual Contracts

Why you should integrate contracts with the business' systems of record

Juro's contract reader reshapes AI capabilities in legal technology

The playbook: the blueprint to your money machine

Innovator interview: Mateo Sanchez, Uber

Case study: delivering real ROI on contract management

Reporting, analytics and KPIs: how to design for scale

Innovator interview: Colin Levy, Salary.com

Scaling outbound sales: from nowhere to somewhere

Scaling contract process: how to close 1000 sales contracts in a month

Case study: simpler, faster, unified - contract management that scales

Approvals: how legal can remove friction from contract process

Case study: how City Relay creates mobile-friendly, scalable contracts

Lawyer #1: an endless balancing act

Making contracts more human: How to make paperwork painless

How to ace adoption of your brand-new software

Get the guide: Scaling B2B Sales - how to build a revenue rocket ship

Get the guide: Scaling your legal team - who to hire, how and why

Who's the right hire? #5: the operations manager

Tech GCs: 7 things you need to know about raising VC money

Curated for you: the best sales tools

Lawyer #1: scaling the team with the business

Who's the right hire? #4: the IP / data specialist

Who's the right hire? #3: the intern

How Tempo delighted candidates with a frictionless contracts solution

Who's the right hire? #2: the legal counsel

Curated for you: the best legal tech tools

Who's the right hire? #1: the paralegal

Interview: Maz Jamnejad, Head of Innovation, Linklaters Italy

Tech GCs: the VC cheat sheet

Whitepaper - Machine learning in contracts: what's real and what's possible?

Case study: how Unbabel close 30% faster with Juro and Salesforce

Lawyer #1: joining a tech startup

Legal ops in 2019: the three key themes

Tech GCs: How to track and scale legal in one spreadsheet

Case study: how Wolt used Juro to take half the time and pain out of contracts

CLOC-watch with Bruce Braude, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

CLOC-watch with Amy Hayden, Cambridge University Press

CLOC London day 2: five key takeaways

CLOC London - day two LIVE!

CLOC London day 1: three sessions, six lessons

CLOC London - day one LIVE!

Why nobody uses that software you bought (and how to make sure they do)

Building Juro in 2018: or why six people moved countries to help make legal more human

4 lessons on legal operations from Habito and Monzo

Juro LIVE: the future of legal

What is legal operations?

Legal operations - how to do it and why it matters: Foreword

Legal operations - how to do it and why it matters: Introduction

Financial management: a seat at the table

Vendor management: what makes a sophisticated buyer?

Cross-functional alignment: how to make friends

Technology and process support: the rise of the lawyer-engineers

Organisational design, support and management: creating an empowered legal team

Communications: thinking outside the inbox

Data analytics: the foundation of a successful legal department

Litigation support: digital tools solving digital problems

IP management: protecting what matters most

Knowledge management: how to make your team smarter

Information governance & records management: keeping your corporate memory

Strategic planning: survive and thrive in the new normal

Inside Juro: our open product roadmap

Watch the webinar: scale legal workflow and create contract magic✨

Watch the webinar: legal operations - from nothing to something

Webinar: create contract magic and scale your legal workflow

What is contract management software?

Case study: How Deliveroo used Juro to scale legal documents at lightning speed

Building data-driven legal teams: Juro + Quirky Lawyer podcast

Welcome Adrienne: Juro’s new Team Assistant

Legal Design Geek - Live!

Legal Geek - live!

eBook: Legal operations - how to do it and why it matters

How do fintech companies do lawtech?

Legal Design Geek | Reimagining legal #3: B2B sales contracts

Legal Design Geek | Reimagining legal #2: SLA

Legal Design Geek | Reimagining legal #1: privacy notices

Contract magic: e-signature on the move

Nordic Legal Tech Day: the new wave

Legal operations: make friends with cross-functional alignment

Watch the webinar: how to close faster with Juro + Salesforce

Live webinar: Close faster with Juro for Salesforce

Welcome Tom: Juro’s new Head of Content

Contract magic: Companies House integration

Lawtech for in-house: Legal Geek + Crafty Counsel

Legal operations: are your internal clients satisfied?

Why we’re writing an eBook on legal operations

Legal operations: how to excel at financial management

Legal operations: how records management helps you grow

Watch the webinar: how to create data-driven legal processes

Legal operations: organisational design in 8 steps

Legal operations: how to make a success of strategic planning

Welcome Alex: Juro’s new Director of Customer Success

Walking the talk: how we use Juro at Juro

Why legal design is in-house counsels’ new best friend

How to write a privacy policy

Writing privacy notices people will actually read: A GDPR legal design challenge

Case study: How Nested delighted their customers by making contracts more human

Why legal design is the answer for time-crunched in-house lawyers

How to buy legal software: 15 tips from the experts




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