How to enable your commercial team

Embracing digital in a paper world

Two thirds of tech GCs ‘buried in low-value work’, 2020 report finds

Mention Me empowers teams to agree and manage contracts with Juro

UiPath: legal operations for hypergrowth

How to ace your interview at Juro

Case study: Contracts that scale with the business

Remote implements Juro to supercharge contract process

Getting privacy right

Case study: business-wide contract collaboration

How to write the perfect offer letter

How legal can enable velocity - Sophie Salisbury, Appear Here

How to be an LGBTQ+ ally

Legal hygiene at scale: Francesca Porter, Onfido

TrueLayer and Juro collaborate to agree contracts faster

Embedding an operations mindset: James Sullivan, Monzo

Case study: Empowering commercial, enhancing candidate experience

Introducing: The remote onboarding guide

Legal for Scaleups: your first funding round

Five signs your contract process is broken

Creating an MVP contracting process: Stephanie Dominy, Snyk

Collaborating on contracts through COVID-19

Building your legal team: Ahmed Badr, GoCardless

Introducing Juro's eBook: Legal for scaleups

Case study: reinventing the candidate experience

Customer onboarding: getting to value quickly

How to automate an Employment Offer Letter

I was onboarded remotely at Juro - here’s how it went.

How to automate a Master Services Agreement (MSA)

How to automate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Case study: managing complex contracts in an effortless workflow

Why lawyers should think about customer acquisition

Case study: how Habito created an off-the-shelf system for contracts

Collaborate remotely: Juro's Basic plans are now free

I worked remote for Juro for a year. Here are 6 ways to make it work

The case against Word: and what to do instead

From Juro: supporting you through the COVID-19 crisis

eBook: Contract automation - start small, win big

How do I manage contracts in Salesforce?

Supporting women in legal - She Breaks the Law

How to manage a distributed legal team - Natalie Salunke, Fleetcor

The right ways of working: Electra Japonas, The Law Boutique

From business prevention unit to value-add: Suzanne Phillips, Zendesk

How to be an effective lawyer - Colin Levy, Salary.com

Lawyer #1: 2020 vision

Why we still run business relationships with Word (and why we need to stop)

Make 2020 the year of action - Denis Potemkin

From law student to legal engineer - Jeremy Huitson, Juro

The legal landscape at Bauer Media - Alice Douglas

USV leads Juro's $5m Series A - what now?

Juro raises $5m Series A from USV

Legal design: the experts speak

Case study: how Tooploox built a scalable contract process

Can contract design build stronger relationships?

Case Study: how Eton Shirts managed the unmanageable

Case study: how Farmdrop made contracts work for everyone

The 2019 Tech GC survey: key findings

How to capture and use contract collaboration data

Can tech make legal collaborative? Willem Wellinghoff, Shieldpay

Designing for yes: how to create contracts people want to sign

The 7 best contract metrics to track - and why you need to start

Case study: how Masabi created a single source of truth

Tech can’t solve bad drafting: six lessons from Ken Adams

FT Intelligent Business names Juro in global contracting top-ten

Stephanie Dominy: balancing technical and legal at Snyk

Lawyer #1: How to really add value to your business

To change legal process, focus on outcomes

Is eSignature globally recognized?

Case study: how Shieldpay used Juro to empower its commercial team

Legal Geek - LIVE!

Introducing the modern contract handbook

Transforming the data landscape: Dan Barrett, Citizens Advice

Nordic Legal Tech Day: 3 lessons for better legal ops

Performance management: finding and managing tomorrow’s sales leaders

Innovator interview: Jimmy Vestbirk, Legal Geek

Tech GCs reveal their top concerns

Legal Innovators conference: Richard Tromans, Artificial Lawyer

The future post-signature with Clause founder Peter Hunn

Pipeline growth and management: getting real about deals

Innovator interview: Bob Mignanelli, Pearson

Sales insight: how and why do lawyers buy legal tech?

Innovator interview: Lieke Beelen, Visual Contracts

Why you should integrate contracts with the business' systems of record

Juro's contract reader reshapes AI capabilities in legal technology

The playbook: the blueprint to your money machine

Innovator interview: Mateo Sanchez, Uber

Case study: delivering real ROI on contract management

Reporting, analytics and KPIs: how to design for scale

Innovator interview: Colin Levy, Salary.com

Scaling outbound sales: from nowhere to somewhere

Scaling contract process: how to close 1000 sales contracts in a month

Case study: simpler, faster, unified - contract management that scales

Approvals: how legal can remove friction from contract process

Case study: how City Relay creates mobile-friendly, scalable contracts

Lawyer #1: an endless balancing act

Making contracts more human: How to make paperwork painless

How to ace adoption of your brand-new software

Get the guide: Scaling B2B Sales - how to build a revenue rocket ship

Get the guide: Scaling your legal team - who to hire, how and why

Who's the right hire? #5: the operations manager

Tech GCs: 7 things you need to know about raising VC money

Curated for you: the best sales tools

Lawyer #1: scaling the team with the business

Who's the right hire? #4: the IP / data specialist

Who's the right hire? #3: the intern

How Tempo delighted candidates with a frictionless contracts solution

Who's the right hire? #2: the legal counsel

Curated for you: the best legal tech tools

Who's the right hire? #1: the paralegal

Interview: Maz Jamnejad, Head of Innovation, Linklaters Italy

Tech GCs: the VC cheat sheet

Whitepaper - Machine learning in contracts: what's real and what's possible?

Case study: how Unbabel close 30% faster with Juro and Salesforce

Lawyer #1: joining a tech startup

Legal ops in 2019: the three key themes

Tech GCs: How to track and scale legal in one spreadsheet

Case study: how Wolt used Juro to take half the time and pain out of contracts

CLOC-watch with Bruce Braude, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

CLOC-watch with Amy Hayden, Cambridge University Press

CLOC London day 2: five key takeaways

CLOC London - day two LIVE!

CLOC London day 1: three sessions, six lessons

CLOC London - day one LIVE!

How to build a bulletproof business case for contract management software

Why nobody uses that software you bought (and how to make sure they do)

Building Juro in 2018: or why six people moved countries to help make legal more human

4 lessons on legal operations from Habito and Monzo

Juro LIVE: the future of legal

What is legal operations?

Legal operations - how to do it and why it matters: Foreword

Legal operations - how to do it and why it matters: Introduction

Financial management: a seat at the table

Vendor management: what makes a sophisticated buyer?

Cross-functional alignment: how to make friends

Technology and process support: the rise of the lawyer-engineers

Organisational design, support and management: creating an empowered legal team

Communications: thinking outside the inbox

Data analytics: the foundation of a successful legal department

Litigation support: digital tools solving digital problems

IP management: protecting what matters most

Knowledge management: how to make your team smarter

Information governance & records management: keeping your corporate memory

Strategic planning: survive and thrive in the new normal

Inside Juro: our open product roadmap

Watch the webinar: scale legal workflow and create contract magic✨

Watch the webinar: legal operations - from nothing to something

Webinar: create contract magic and scale your legal workflow

What is contract management software?

Case study: How Deliveroo used Juro to scale legal documents at lightning speed

Building data-driven legal teams: Juro + Quirky Lawyer podcast

Welcome Adrienne: Juro’s new Team Assistant

Legal Design Geek - Live!

Legal Geek - live!

eBook: Legal operations - how to do it and why it matters

How do fintech companies do lawtech?

Legal Design Geek | Reimagining legal #3: B2B sales contracts

Legal Design Geek | Reimagining legal #2: SLA

Legal Design Geek | Reimagining legal #1: privacy notices

Contract magic: e-signature on the move

Nordic Legal Tech Day: the new wave

Legal operations: make friends with cross-functional alignment

Watch the webinar: how to close faster with Juro + Salesforce

Live webinar: Close faster with Juro for Salesforce

Welcome Tom: Juro’s new Head of Content

Contract magic: Companies House integration

Lawtech for in-house: Legal Geek + Crafty Counsel

Legal operations: are your internal clients satisfied?

Why we’re writing an eBook on legal operations

Legal operations: how to excel at financial management

Legal operations: how records management helps you grow

Watch the webinar: how to create data-driven legal processes

Legal operations: organisational design in 8 steps

Legal operations: how to make a success of strategic planning

Welcome Alex: Juro’s new Director of Customer Success

Walking the talk: how we use Juro at Juro

Why legal design is in-house counsels’ new best friend

How to write a privacy policy

Writing privacy notices people will actually read: A GDPR legal design challenge

Case study: How Nested delighted their customers by making contracts more human

Why legal design is the answer for time-crunched in-house lawyers

How to buy legal software: 15 tips from the experts

Welcome Aleksej: Juro's new machine learning engineer

Welcome Josephine: Juro’s new Client Onboarding Manager

Why the time has come for design thinking and visualisation in legal documents

Welcome Andrew Volkov: Juro’s new software developer

5 ways to make your mark in legal operations

Juro raises $2m in funding - what's next?

Legal design sprints: the cheat code to better processes?

Design patterns for contracts: or how you’ve been doing contracts wrong this whole time (and how to fix it)

Tech businesses: how to scale legal in harmony with the business

How to become a data-driven legal team (and how it helps you win)

Juro wins the 2017 LegalGeek award

Thomson Reuters names Juro a mover and shaker in Law Tech

Good lawyers have nothing to fear from technology

The Times names Juro in top 10 innovative legal technology businesses ⚡

The future of legal services is technology

How in-house lawyers can benefit from legal design

Legal Design Geek | Reimagining legal #4: contacting a direct access barrister



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