Case Study: how Eton Shirts managed the unmanageable

Alex McPhie, 5 December 2019

With a global contract project looming, Eton Shirts wanted to implement a contract management system that could handle the workload. Find out how Eton used Juro to manage contracts at scale.

Eton Shirts is a global wholesale brand that focuses on luxury men’s shirts and accessories. Founded in 1928 in Gånghester, Sweden, Eton Shirts’ products are sold across 50 countries, with flagship stores in London, New York, Stockholm and Frankfurt.

“Contracts templated through Juro have an effective end-to-end time of five minutes - it’s super intuitive and easy for anyone to use”

- David Köröndi, Legal Manager, Eton Shirts

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The challenge: eating the elephant

Eton Shirts, like so many other businesses, managed contracts through Word, with several teams accessing the same templates and creating variations of the documents across different platforms. The end-to-end process was slow and could involve three teams - sales, legal and HR - with sales responsible for contract drafting.

A combination of the print-sign-scan process, working in Word, and back-and-forth between teams meant that contracts often took 30-45 minutes to sign. This was a problem as the company prepared for the global launch of new distribution agreements, as legal manager David Köröndi recalled:

“The sheer process of handling this project via Word had me wondering: ‘how do I eat the elephant?’ I needed to create those contracts, send them to distributors, and get them signed within a reasonable timeframe.”

The requirements: what did Eton need?

Implementing technology in traditional retail and wholesale companies hasn’t always been easy, but David was confident he could find and integrate a solution that worked for his legal team, as well as the wider business. “Most legally-trained people aren’t tech-savvy. There’s also a misconception that embracing and understanding technology is like reinventing the wheel, but really it’s just about being effective.”

The new contract management system had to handle the large bulk of contracts included in the global project and decrease time-to-sign: “the ability to template and populate contracts through simple stages is important. If I can take away a portion of my workload through this process, then isn’t it worth it? That’s gold for me.”

The new system had to be easy to adopt and implement. “We have 25 sales managers who are actively contracting, and it was important to me that the new system was easily adopted by people who had no prior training with contract management systems.”

“Contract Reader automatically files the document and makes it searchable. I imported 700 contracts through Contract Reader and saved so much time”

The solution: user-centric contract management

In October 2018, Eton Shirts decided to implement Juro to replace manual processes across legal, HR and sales. With features to help create, negotiate, sign and manage legal documents at scale, Eton quickly saw a huge impact.

PDFs in one place

Being able to upload and archive legacy PDF documents with Juro’s Contract Reader feature meant that David could keep all his contracts on one platform. “Contract Reader saves time by logging the contract, filing it automatically, and making the document searchable. I imported 700 contracts through Contract Reader.”

No more missed renewals

“We have a lot of contracts that auto-renew instead of terminating. It’s a stressful situation when you end up in a new contract before you can end it. The reminders feature is very useful for following up on regular processes, and it’s great using Juro to prevent this problem from happening again.”

Frictionless self-serve

“Contracts templated through Juro have an effective end-to-end time of five minutes. Sales teams have to answer four questions and the template would populate itself. Juro is super intuitive and easy for anyone to use.”


“Before Juro, I tried to get over a thousand distribution contracts signed with the print-sign-scan process. It was a massive challenge at this scale, and only 10 contracts were signed in the month. Then I used Juro, emailed distributors the contract link, and 50% of contracts were signed immediately.”

The results: saving time, money, and resource

Eton Shirts wanted to establish an efficient, intuitive contract management system that would scale with the business - handling the bulk of contracts from their latest distributor agreements. David assessed several options but found their interfaces too complex, especially as employees from a non-legal background would be handling the documents. Since implementing Juro in 2018, the platform has been widely adopted across the business.

“By using Juro to speed up the contract process, we can avoid disputes with customers, which is definitely a return on investment with my time and my spend on external counsel. Whether you’re looking for a contracting and templating solution, or a platform that’s intuitive and easy to use, I would definitely recommend Juro.”

Read the full case study on Juro and Eton Shirts.

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