Case study: how Farmdrop made contracts work for everyone

Alex McPhie, 28 November 2019

Farmdrop had no formal contract process in place, which would become more of a challenge as the business scaled. Find out how Juro helped create a workflow that everyone could understand.

Farmdrop is an online ethical grocer that sources food from local farmers, fishermen and other producers. Founded in 2012, the company now provides farm-to-table food options for consumers in Greater London. Farmdrop has received more than £20m in funding.

“The fact that it’s been so easy for farmers to adopt Juro is incredible for us”

- Jaks Pemberton, Buyer, Farmdrop

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The challenge: no formal process

Farmdrop’s agreements between buyers and suppliers were informal and undocumented. The buyers were responsible for managing stock and working with suppliers to buy produce, without a formal contract process in place.

Buyers also managed the account forms, but adding information was a lengthy task, buyer Jaks Pemberton recalled: “we either entered information in a detailed spreadsheet, or printed, signed and scanned the document. It was time-consuming and would only get less manageable as we scaled.”

The requirements: what did Farmdrop need?

To manage supplier retainment, Jaks hoped to establish a scalable legal workflow that all parties could understand: “we interact with farmers and fishermen - they’re not exactly from a legal background! Making the process simple and user-friendly is key.”

It was also imperative that the new process resulted in faster time-to-value: “we’re undergoing an expansion project to double our sustainable producers. We’ll need to manage many more documents - from onboarding forms to hygiene documents. An effective legal process will lift the weight of our workload.”

The solution: a contract workflow that’s ready to scale

Farmdrop implemented Juro in October 2017. Implementation was fast and it wasn’t long before Jaks and his team noticed the benefits.

Legal tech anyone can use

Having an interface that was easy to use by people beyond legal was imperative - “we deal with farmers, who aren’t standard legal tech users, so the fact that it’s been so easy for farmers to adopt Juro is incredible for us.”

A frictionless workflow

“We create and send so many documents through Juro now - from supplier contracts, to terms of business, to onboarding forms. It takes minutes, end-to-end.”

Integrated features

“It’s so useful to have contracts stored in one place. We’ve been using the reminders feature, which allows us to set reminders for documents that are about to expire, so we can chase down recent versions. Features like this create a manageable workflow, where signing and storing happens in one place.”

“We create and send so many documents through Juro now - it only takes minutes, end-to-end”

The results: a future-proof legal process

Farmdrop needed to add rigor to their workflow, and make sure contracts were managed as part of a process robust enough to handle rapid growth. Making this process as easy to understand and implement as possible was key, especially as buyers interacted with suppliers who didn’t come from a legal background.

Now, with suppliers and buyers using Juro, Jaks can focus on scaling the producer base of the business. “We wanted a simple workflow for producers and the buying team, and Juro didn’t disappoint. I would absolutely recommend Juro - and I have!”

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