Case study: how City Relay creates mobile-friendly, scalable contracts

Josephine Hanschke, 10 July 2019

Since 2018, Juro has helped City Relay to create a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use contract platform to support their rapid growth. This case study explores how we did it.

City Relay is a property management company that uses platforms such as Airbnb and to help people short-let their properties. They free homeowners from the lengthy process of short-letting their homes by providing services for property management. City Relay operates across three different locations in London with over 50 employees.

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The challenge: manage contracts without wasting time

City Relay handles a variety of contracts, from short-let contracts and tenancy agreements to HR documents. As a result, contracts were increasingly hard to manage and this had a significant impact on time spent in contract creation and amendment.

“It’s very difficult to make edits when you have a huge variety of contracts, in different formats, on different platforms,” explains Harriet Taylor, Director of Sales and Marketing at City Relay. “Our contracts vary depending on length of stay, commission, location, and other factors, so we needed a solution that was efficient and collaborative,” she explains. “It took fifteen minutes to generate and send our contracts with our former platform. We’re growing quickly as a business, so our HR manager needs to be able to generate contracts much faster than that. A mobile-friendly platform would be a bonus.”

The challenge impacted both HR and sales teams. City Relay had to increase the speed of the onboarding process, finding a way to balance several daily meetings with contract requirements. “We needed to save time, more than anything. And that’s where Juro came in.”

The solution: less time, more contracts

After discussions with Juro’s sales and customer success teams, City Relay adopted Juro as their contract management system in 2018, covering both sales and HR. The immediate reaction from users was “a massive sigh of relief,” says Harriet. “Juro simplified all our processes. The team were thrilled with the outcome.”

“With all our templates in one place, we can make amends and send them out in a fraction of the time”

- Harriet Taylor, Director of Sales and Marketing, City Relay


“We have all our templates in one place, on Juro’s platform, where we can make amends and send them out in a fraction of the time. We have a quicker onboarding process now - from 15 minutes down to 2 or 3.”


“We get a lot of feedback on our contracts so it’s important to have that flexibility towards a quick and open flow of communication. The comments feature is excellent in assisting with that and allowing for clear-cut discussion.”


“Our sales team can send contracts from their phone during their walk from one meeting to another! It’s a massive advantage to us that people can read and sign on their phones - no printing, signing, and scanning.”

The results: time saved, usage doubled

The team enjoy the upgrades to their contract workflow and how easy Juro is to use. Additionally, the approach towards creating various contracts and negotiation with hosts is much more dynamic: “the comments facility makes it easier for our hosts, simplifying the process for them and saving both parties a lot of time,” says Harriet.

Integrations are also a popular feature: “we use the Slack integration, so signed contracts go directly into our sales channel - we can have a mini-celebration every time we sign a new deal. Everyone knows where we’re at in terms of our success as a business, which is useful as we grow.” City Relay have doubled their usage of Juro since the initial purchase, with several teams now using the software. “The long-lets and B2B teams are both using it, as contract volume increases. Juro’s Customer Success team have been incredible in supporting this expansion.”

City Relay discovered a platform that met all their demands and enhanced their contract workflows: “We saved so much time - we’d absolutely recommend Juro to anyone looking to ease their contract processes.”

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