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Tom Bangay, 1 July 2019

Can’t be at CLOC's EMEA Institute in London today? Follow all the action LIVE with updates from the Juro team. If you’re at the event, come say hi 👋 

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CLOC wraps with a call to invent the future - as London's legal ops leaders head to the final networking event, we're ready to wrap this live blog too. Thanks for reading and if you'd like to hear more, just get in touch at, or check out our eBook, 'Legal operations: how to do it and why it matters'. Until next time 🥂

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"My biggest worry about the future of the legal profession is that, certainly in the UK, most law schools are not stepping up"

Do you agree with Richard Susskind?

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Quick shout-out to Legal Geek - the startup map makes an appearance on the big screens at CLOC, with Richard Susskind tipping his hat to the lawtech startups setting out to change the industry.

⏰ 16:10

In their wisdom, CLOC's organisers decided to give delegates a champagne break before 4pm. The chatter upon re-entering the main room is decidedly more animated, and the final session of the day is with legal's best-known futurist, Dr Richard Susskind. The man that CLOC President Mary O'Carroll introduces as the 'OG' of legal innovation takes the stage to talk about how lawyers can think differently.


⏰ 15:41

Q. Who are the must-follows in German law tech?

⏰ 15:23

Larry is exploring the difference between leadership and management, following Dr. John Kotter's research - here's a summary from the man himself 📺



Up on the big screen, it says - in large letters - 'Lawyers tend to be intellectual and negative'. Agree / disagree? Tweet us @GetJuro.

⏰ 15:18

What qualities do the very best leaders share? Here's five 🖐

⏰ 15:04

Lawyers really don't like change. Larry is asking people to cross their arms and facing a revolt. So how then to mobilise lawyers to effect grand, systemic change?

"Leadership is a function of doing the right behaviours - increase those, and you'll increase followership"

⏰ 14:52

Lawyers have low resilience, extremely high skepticism, and very low sociability, according the data Larry Richard is citing 😱

⏰ 14:45

Now Dr. Larry Richard is exploring the common traits of lawyers, in this session called "Leadership and the Lawyer Personality: Teaching Skeptics to Lead Skeptics". Lawyers score way below average on resilience - what does that mean for the profession?

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Our book on legal operations is flying off the table - if you haven't grabbed one from booth 2, the champagne break might be your last chance before they're all gone. Come and raise a glass over the book at the next break, or if you can't be here, download a copy 🥂


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The million dollar question: what if you're not Vodafone or VMWare and you don't have tonnes of people and resource to do all this? 

⏰ 13:37

Kerry's improvement process took legal from offering 20+ ways to get a lawyer down to one, and from multiple contract repositories down to one.

⏰ 13:31

Kerry Phillip from Vodafone is sharing her journey in untangling the legal processes to make sure the right work sits with the right people. And to get started? The familiar sequence:


⏰ 13:25

If Áine Lyons is convincing you to invest in better contract management processes, check out our guide on making the case to your business - download it for free.

⏰ 13:17

"Make your vendors give you a sandbox"

This is a crucial point when trying out a new solution - if you like the demo but you don't have enough information, then ask them to create a sandbox for you (we always do this at Juro). If they won't let you have one, what are they hiding?

⏰ 13:04

How to drive simpler, faster, better contracting? We have a few views on that, but if you're still trying to understand contract management software's features and potential, read this explainer.


⏰ 12:55

The room's almost full even while lunch is still going on, because legal ops professionals are keen to hear about scaling transactional work to drive business growth - because what better way is there for legal to be an enabler, not a blocker? The GC of Monzo, Dean Nash, wrote a chapter on technology for our legal operations eBook detailing how they do this at a white-hot startup like Monzo.

⏰ 12:30

Legal ops folks love to lunch - while they do that, here are some social highlights from this morning:

⏰ 11:35

Cost will go up before it goes down, with the up-front cost of automation. Make this clear when making your case to the business.

⏰ 11:31

HBR Consulting's Andrew Baker is your CLOC MVP for meme-driven legal ops lessons 👏

⏰ 11:23

How to get started mapping service delivery? 

⏰ 11:19

Russell Crowe is on-screen.

⏰ 11:15

"Introducing legal operations has been a marathon - not a sprint"

It's a familiar refrain, and Maurus is showing the room (and the overflow corridor) the 11-year timeline he's been travelling on to make it happen.

⏰ 11:08

Now we're talking about how to optimise your service delivery model, with Maurus Schreyvogel. People are so keen to know how to do this that Team Juro can't get in the room! We'll just read Max Hübner's chapter on this in our eBook to pass the time ... 

⏰ 10:42

Huge interest in metrics at Lisa Konie's session - the volume of questions suggests that in-house lawyers and legal ops professionals are still seeking guidance on what to track and how. Check out more resources on creating a data-driven legal department in our legal operations hub.

⏰ 10:31

Today's live-tweeters are much more creative than yesterday's live-tweeters.

⏰ 10:21

Lisa's encouraging questions throughout the session, and lots of attendees are keen to learn how Adobe handles making a 200-strong legal team efficient. 

⏰ 10:10

First up today: metrics demystified, with Adobe's Lisa Konie sharing her experiences in creating a metric-driven law department. If you're looking for more info on metrics, check out the relevant chapter of our eBook.

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What a day yesterday! Dung beetles, Harvard studies, hiring in Sheffield - we ran the gamut of high-level legal ops in three excellent sessions. There's lots more to come today - follow the action live with the Juro team.

Couldn't make it yesterday? Catch up with our wrap of six lessons from three sessions 👇

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