CLOC London - day one LIVE!

Tom Bangay, 1 July 2019

Can’t be at CLOC's EMEA Institute in London today? Follow all the action LIVE with updates from the Juro team.

If you’re at the event, come say hi 👋 - we’re at booth 2 ✨ with a free book on legal operations, and fortune cookies 🥠

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⏰ 17:00

Aine wraps day one of CLOC's 2019 London institute and 400 lawyers and ops professionals head for cocktails and canapés in the next room. If you'd like to know more about Juro or legal ops, come and find us at booth 2; otherwise stay tuned to tomorrow for all the action from day 2!

⏰ 16:54

A question from the room raises the thorny question of how to shuffle resources and how to restructure to make sure you achieve your company's goals. Moving responsibilities between directors, and bringing in resources with tactical secondment, proved really useful in reimagining what legal could achieve at Sky.

⏰ 16:50

Vicky Sandry is underlining the value that people get from CLOC, in terms of sharing information, best practice and other processes - it's great to see the UK legal operations community coming together to help each other transform the industry.

⏰ 16:40

Aine is underlining the importance of having vendors that are willing to share data. That's one of the #legalopslessons hidden in our fortune cookies 🥠 - come and grab one at booth 2. If you agree with the wisdom, check out the superb thinker that it came from - Denise Nurse over at Halebury.

⏰ 16:33

Maaike is relating lessons hard learned of technology adoptions struggling with adoption. We might have a few thoughts on why that could be - check out this piece from our Director of Customer Success, Alex McPhie.

⏰ 16:30

New CLOC board member Aine Lyons is grilling Royal Mail's Maaike de Bie and Sky's Vicky Sandry on how they used legal ops functions to unlock the value hidden within their organisations' legal expertise. Vicky's team rates incoming matters according to risk as gold 🥇, silver 🥈 or bronze 🥉, and evaluates the risk that might arise if lawyers don't get involved.

⏰ 16:25

We're back and the topic has turned to "Creating & Maximizing the Value of a Legal Ops Function In a Rapidly Changing Legal Ecosystem". Renowned author Bjarne Tellman, CLO at Pearson, has some next-level insight on this subject, so much so that he wrote the foreword to our book:


⏰ 15:56

Heidi Gardner is wrapping - if you want to know more about her work, check out 'The overcommitted organisation' in the Harvard Business Review. Next up? Maximising the value of a legal ops function. Stay tuned!

⏰ 15:42

The difference between people who collaborate with individual goals in mind, and those who collaborate with the business' goals in mind, is a key theme of this session. Outcomes both for the business and the individuals can be wildly different.

Collaboration needs methodology ... welcome to service design. Have intent, goal, have the why, then plan how to collaborate etc. U.K. Govt and major organisations investing in this and the right people


Many organisations already have these experts in digital or service design/product teams - and these are growing as transformation happens. They are naturals at collaborating with users and other organisations. Tap them up, nice folks.

See Alex G Smith's other Tweets

⏰ 15:28

"Smart collaboration needs to be used surgically - think about what ends you're trying to accomplish that you simply could not do without those connections. Smart collaboration is costly, risky and time-consuming"

Fill in Heidi Gardner's survey here.

⏰ 15:28

Harvard's Heidi K. Gardner has literally written the book on smart collaboration.

She's forcing a roomful of lawyers and ops professionals to actually talk to each other, which is glorious. We're discussing the most pressing concerns of C-suite, and how they've changed in recent years.





Digital transformation!


Virtual currency!

There's remarkable agreement on the causes of concern for the C-suite that our room full of legal ops professionals serve.

⏰ 15:15

After a short sharp coffee break we're back, looking at smart collaboration, a subject very close to our hearts ... Check out the relevant chapter in our eBook, from Mike Russell at Ingersoll-Rand, here.

⏰ 14:53

What lawyers do, according to Cisco's Steve Harmon:

  1. Communicate 📞
  2. Think 🤔
  3. Read 📚
  4. Find stuff 🔍
  5. Create documents 📝

⏰ 14:47

"We've made more than $800m worth of savings in our digital contract workflow"

That's a lot of savings. As Steve points out, quite a lot of contracts have to go wrong before rolling out that e-signature platform becomes a net negative ...

⏰ 14:40

Now we're learning. Come up with a resource allocation model, or someone else is going to come up with one and impose it upon you. 

If you're looking for advice on how to come up with yours, CLOC is the place to ask. You can also check out DPA Professionals GC Max Hübner's advice on it in his chapter from our eBook here.

⏰ 14:35

"The legal department can no longer get away with being a tax on the business that cannot be calculated"


⏰ 14:31

Lots of recognition in the room as Steve suggest in-house legal is often painted as a spinning wheel - but how to help your colleagues in the business gain traction?

⏰ 14:26

Steve Harmon, Deputy GC of Cisco and GC of Elevate Services (a busy man), is sharing his insights on the evolving role of the corporate legal department, and its move to a value-add, rather than a blocker:

"I need to not be a gatekeeper, but a gateway to the business"

⏰ 14:17

Mary welcomes first-time CLOC-ers who might be trying to work out what legal ops is all about. Here's a reminder: CLOC's core competencies 👇


⏰ 14:14

The CLOC is running a little behind (sorry) but we're up and running now, as Mary welcomes delegates to the second London institute and starts by recognising the contribution that the previous leadership made to CLOC's future.

Mary also introduces Aine Lyons, a new addition to the board, who brings her expertise from VMWare to CLOC.

⏰ 14:00

Google's Mary O'Carroll is about to kick off London's biggest event in legal ops, having recently taken over from Connie Brenton as President of CLOC.

⏰ 12:30

The Corporate Legal Operation Consortium. Is there a hotter industry body in all of legal right now? The CLOC main event takes over the Bellagio in Vegas, but this year, for the first time, the organisers have brought the best in cutting-edge thinking around in-house legal, operations and efficiency to London. The second annual CLOC EMEA Institute takes places today and tomorrow at the Landmark Hotel in London's Marylebone, and we'll be bringing it to you LIVE as it happens.

If you're still cramming ahead of the sessions later today, you could do a lot worse than reading our eBook, 'Legal operations: how to do it and why it matters.' If you're not one of the thousands who already read it, lucky CLOC attendees can get their hands on a hard copy over at booth 2:


... but if you can't get to us, download a copy below. You can also check out all of Juro's legal ops resources, including guides, blogs, articles and webinars, as well as the entire eBook, at our legal operations hub.

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