How will contract automation change in 2021? Find out in our whitepaper

Richard Mabey, 3 December 2020

Our whitepaper explores contract automation myths we need to leave behind in 2020, and practices legal teams can adopt to automate contracts at scale and enable growth in 2021.

Contract automation isn't new - but it's certainly changing. We've come a long way since the early pioneers first pushed Word documents into mail merge software, but it's easy to lose sight of that progress with all the noise surrounding legal tech and automation. 

Our latest whitepaper, 'Contract automation in 2021: legal documents reimagined', explores the stubborn contract automation myths that persist in 2020, as compared to the reality we hope to see in 2021. We also share techniques for in-house legal teams looking to implement a solution and set their businesses up for success. 

Download 'Contract automation in 2021: legal documents reimagined', and make automation a competitive advantage in 2021.

In the whitepaper we answer the following questions:

🤔 What are the myths surrounding contract automation? Why do these myths persist? 

😵 Who is actually responsible for contracts?

🐌 Why are businesses slow to adopt legal tech?

🔎 Where should you start with a contract automation project?

🚀 How can you automate your contracts both quickly and painlessly?

.. And much more. If you're planning to automate your contracts in 2021, we hope this whitepaper acts as a guide to help you choose the right solution, empower teams across the business, and get to value fast.

Download 'Contract automation in 2021: legal documents reimagined' now. 

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