Case study: How Deliveroo used Juro to scale legal documents at lightning speed

Alex McPhie, 1 July 2019

Issuing documents is a challenge for any organisation, never mind one with a workforce growing as quickly and dynamically as Deliveroo. Juro enabled the UK’s favourite online delivery service to issue 1400 legal documents to employees across 13 markets - in just two weeks.

Deliveroo is an online food delivery company, founded in 2013 in London, offering fast and reliable delivery which the customer can track on their phone, and it aims to bring great food direct to customers as fast as possible. To date Deliveroo has raised more than $850m in funding. Deliveroo’s HR team in the UK numbers around 20 people, with HR business partners distributed across the 13 markets in which Deliveroo operates. Cameron Russell is senior award analyst at Deliveroo, responsible for implementing and maintaining compensation review processes and HR systems.

"It was intuitive and easy to pick up and run with - this was a godsend"

- Cameron Russell, People team, Deliveroo

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The challenge: what did Deliveroo want to do?

Deliveroo has a dynamic global workforce that’s growing all the time, using Juro for its employee contract workflow. But for its 2018 compensation review process, it encountered a problem. The HR team needed to communicate review letters to employees at scale and speed, and the system they had in place struggled to cope.

The team was ready to fall back on spreadsheets and use the prior system, but the review process had an extra layer of complexity: “normally you’re just reviewing salary, bonus and entitlements, and communicating a change,” Cameron explains. “But we varied and standardised our terms and conditions, which needs acknowledgement from the employee.” Deliveroo needed a system that could communicate documents on a huge scale instantly, and track acceptances from recipients. As a longstanding Juro customer in the UK, Deliveroo knew Juro could help.

The must-haves: what must the solution do?

Deliveroo had clear criteria for the solution it needed.

  • Acknowledgements: HR had to know when employees had read the new terms
  • Digital letters: HR needed editability - frozen PDFs would introduce too much delay
  • A dynamic system able to handle content changes within documents, and clauses dropping in and out
  • Trackable e-signing to give certainty to the process
  • Analytics to track and manage the status of documents in real time

Its window for generating, distributing and securing signed contracts added time pressure too: the project needed to be completed within a few weeks.

The solution in action

Once they realised the gravity and the timeline, Cameron reached out to Juro. “We were already confident with the system, and with its security and so on – it sprang to mind as a viable option for what we had to do.” Together Juro and Deliveroo began a two-week intense project at fast pace: building the letters and varied terms in Juro, agreeing their content, and generating the required letters for distribution and acknowledgment.

“It was made very complex by us operating in multiple markets with different legalities around the notice periods and post-term periods; we were still agreeing the format and legal context throughout, market by market,” says Cameron. The stakeholders built and tested at the same time, working through clause issues that arose, and ultimately generating the required letters. “The way Juro works meant that it was intuitive and easy to pick up and run with it.” The team didn’t need to fall back on spreadsheets, PDFs and emails: “that would have been far more rudimentary - this was a godsend that let us get what we needed.”

The user experience

Within days, employees began to receive letters digitally. “They received a signing link, jumped in there and signed it really fast. From a management perspective it was so easy for employees, from the initial round of letters to use the preview link, and jump in to see what was being signed,” says Cameron. Juro’s documents are responsive on mobile, increasing ease of use; it even allowed the Deliveroo team to make amendments once the process had already begun, in order to expedite the process.

“My challenge is to roll out solutions that scale and are agile. What I have found at Juro is a level of dedication to client solutions second to none”

The results: faster, smarter, more human

“We found that everything was really easy to access and sign,” Cameron says. “The total number of letters generated was about 1400 across 13 markets in 2 weeks, and 300 of those 1400 letters were amended.” During the process, multiple users were accessing the database simultaneously, amending letters, sending out links and checking signing statuses. “The product was robust enough to handle everything we threw at it: we were already under a lot of pressure, as if we didn’t have the letters out in time, people wouldn’t receive their pay changes on time.”

“There’s nothing I could recommend for Juro to improve on - whether it’s for training, employee experience, or updating documents"

- Sola Osinoiki, Global people operations lead, Deliveroo

Deliveroo were able to secure acknowledgments for digital letters sent to employees that were dynamic enough to handle content changes and clause additions, with trackable e-signing and analytics to provide business information. What’s more, “Juro was fit for purpose across all markets – we were even able to input foreign language versions, including Italian, Spanish and French. That was a great outcome - we could communicate with local markets and meet local legal obligations.”

The outcome was successful and repeatable for Deliveroo. “There’s nothing I could recommend for Juro to improve on - whether it’s for training, employee experience or updating documents, this solution definitely has lots of other applications.”

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