Contract magic: e-signature on the move

Richard Mabey, 1 July 2019

Get to 'yes' faster with Juro's mobile-enabled e-signing - designed for the modern business where time to closing can make all the difference.

At Juro we're passionate about legal design - reimagining legal processes around the end-user. And while so much of the traditional legal workflow can be supercharged through design thinking or innovative technology, it's also true that legal documents need a signature.

It's no longer the case that signing a legal document means sitting at a desk in a lawyer's office, but printing, scanning, and sending back and forth are constant headaches for so many contract users. While eSigning is a fact of life - so much so that the Law Commission in the UK is inviting consultation - at Juro, we think we've found the easiest and most accessible way to make eSigning happen quickly and safely, getting your deals over the line faster.

Juro's mobile-responsive platform means you can sign contracts with your finger, on your phone, on the move. It's how most of our team signed their employment contracts, and it's a great solution for our clients with high volumes of onboarding, like Deliveroo. It's so easy to use that your team will adopt the tool faster and more widely, leading to bigger time savings and higher ROI.

Our eSignature tool is built natively into our contracts platform - if you're looking for an app, check out a list of the best eSignature apps on HubSpot's blog.

Who benefits from eSignature?

  • Authorized signatories, who likely have several documents to sign each day - as the business scales, and contract volumes rise, being able to sign securely from any device, at any time, will be a huge time-saver

  • The counterparty, who at the signing stage is keen to establish this new working relationship. Having to print, sign, and scan a contract slows down momentum and can be frustrating - especially if the counterparty doesn't own a printer, or a scanner!

  • Sales teams, who benefit indirectly from eSigning. The quicker and easier it is to get a signature on the dotted line, the faster sales reps can close deals and get their commission. 

Signing this way through Juro is secure, thanks to our eIDAS-compliant infrastructure and 256-bit SSL-encrypted connections, and it's legally watertight. You can send out links asking for a signature from within the app, or via a link in your email if that's easier for you.

That link can only be accessed by the person you send it to, but you can share a preview version with someone else, if another party needs to check the document over. Juro even saves your signature for next time, increasing efficiency and giving you a little time back to get on with your day.

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