Introducing the modern contract handbook

Richard Mabey, 9 October 2019

Contracts are changing. As the legal industry embraces digital processes, so must contracts - but what does effective, end-to-end contract management look like for the modern business? 

To find out, we collaborated with some of contracts' sharpest minds to deliver the modern contract handbook. Breaking down every stage of the contract lifecycle, it's your guide to making contracts efficient, readable and future-proof. Download it now 📊👇


Inside you'll find:
  • Contract language doyen Ken Adams, on how tech can't solve bad drafting
  • Legal design gurus Margaret Hagen, Helena Haapio, Marie Potel-Saville and more on how to draft contracts people can actually understand;
  • Telstra contracts wrangler Verity White, on how to make it more likely that people will actually sign your contracts;
  • Metrics maestro Lucy Endel Bassli on what you need to start tracking right now;
  • founder Peter Hunn on the future that connected contracts can bring post-signature;
  • Plus experts from Juro's different teams on issues like generating and retaining contracts data, integrating with systems of record, a global analysis of eSignature's enforceability, and much more.

We're thrilled to share everything we've learned from working with customers to create scalable contract workflows. And as contract geeks, sharing the page with Ken Adams is real privilege 🤓

We hope you find it useful - just get in touch with any feedback too!

Download The Modern Contract Handbook today.

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