Juro vs Concord: features, comparisons and alternatives

Juro knowledge team, 16 June 2021

Concord is a well-established CLM platform with lots of features to offer. But is it intuitive enough to gain adoption quickly across the business?

Concord's contract lifecycle management solution has become a common choice for business teams looking for ways to handle contracts in one platform. Does its user experience deliver on the promise of its feature set for legal teams?

This page explores the features, limitations and pricing of Concord in comparison to Juro’s all-in-one contract automation platform. Use the menu below to navigate this page.

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Juro vs Concord: feature comparison

Features Concord Juro
Rich media document editor
Unlimited templates
Natural language Q&A
Internal commenting
External negotiation
Custom branding Enterprise plans only
eSignature with audit trail
Kanban dashboard
Renewal reminders
Approval workflows
Conditional logic Enterprise plans only
Custom table views
Dedicated customer success manager Enterprise plans only
User access levels Enterprise plans only
Single sign-on Enterprise plans only
Bulk actions
Salesforce integration
Workday integration
Greenhouse integration
Google Drive integration
Zapier integration
Slack integration
REST API & webhooks

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Concord has a wide range of functionality, with lots of features available in-browser within a single tool. But while Concord can deliver lots of value on paper, its users often run into trouble when it comes to its lengthy implementations, with UX issues and formatting causing problems for commercial teams. This can make wide adoption difficult to achieve, with end-users falling back on manual processes in Word to plug gaps in the workflow.

Key pain points that users encounter with Concord typically include:

  • Formatting: when copying and pasting or moving from Word into Concord, formatting often breaks and makes documents look messy
  • Difficult set-up: implementations are typically long, and user experience when setting up templates isn't intuitive, meaning it can take months to get to value - particularly if integrations are involved
  • User access levels: setting the right access levels for teams and users, particularly for large deployments, can be cumbersome and difficult
  • Lightweight reporting: for teams looking for a true system of record for contracts, with the rich contracts data to go with it, Concord's reporting and analytics stack struggle to offer enough depth 

These issues are all validated in the independent user reviews below.

For an intuitive experience that help visionary legal counsel and the teams they enable to agree and manage contracts in one unified workspace, it's worth considering the benefits of an all-in-one contract automation platform designed to be usable by anyone.


Juro benefits

✍️ Flexible editor custom-built for contracts

Juro's browser-native editor was custom-built for contracts, delivering beautiful documents that your colleagues can create from templates in seconds. Juro's contracts are built on structured data, enabling powerful search, tagging and collaborative features - but if you really want to export to and import from Word or PDF, of course you can do that too.

juro-nda-non-disclosure-agreement-UIWant to create beautiful contracts that people actually want to sign?

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⭐ The top-rated solution for ease of setup

Once you've decided to automate your contract workflow, the last thing you need is a lengthy, difficult implementation, with business colleagues struggling to adopt your solution. Juro is the top-rated contract solution on G2 Crowd for ease of setup, with new customers typically getting to value within a few weeks, rather than the long implementation processes on offer with other platforms, like Concord. Similarly, Juro's support is market-leading, offering unrivalled customer enablement that leads to lightning-quick adoption.

Juro G2 reviews

Juro leads the category for support and ease of setup. Click above to read more independent reviews.

💡A contract data layer that gives deep insights

Key business teams should be capturing their data and acting on its insights, and contracts are no different. Juro's browser-native solution gives you a contract data layer, capturing everything from your audit trails and negotiation data to your usage patterns and critical bottlenecks. Use Juro's analytics stack and custom dashboards to unblock your contract workflow and enable the business to close deals faster.

juro-analyticsSpot bottlenecks before they happen and keep your business' key documents moving. Click above to try it ☝️

💚 Intuitive UI that drives wide adoption

A contracts platform loved by legal is pointless if stakeholders around the business find it too difficult to use. Juro's intuitive, simple user interface enables wide and growing adoption with key teams across the business and beyond. Read our case studies to find out how quickly Juro has been adopted by users in diverse industries, including restaurants, retail, real estate and even farming. Features like our simple Kanban board make sure that anyone can use Juro successfully.


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⚙️ Integrations with key business systems

There's more to having an integrated solution than just offering a Salesforce integration. For starters, Juro's Salesforce integration is two-way, with live data-sync, meaning contracts and their data are updated in real time in both platforms, so sales and legal are always on the same page.

But what about other key business systems? Concord offers some shared drives, but Juro integrates with Slack for collaboration, Greenhouse and Workday for HR teams, and Zapier to enable integrations on demand. If your colleagues in other teams don't want to leave their systems of record to work with contracts, then don't make them. 


Contracts live where you do - click above to create your integrated workflow ☝️


Flexible pricing for scaling businesses

Concord offers a range of pricing, starting with a free plan, albeit with limited features. This scales up to enterprise-level pricing if you want to access features like custom branding, user access levels or a dedicated customer success manager.

By comparison, Juro offers flexible plans to suit any business. Head over to our pricing page to select a plan that's right for your business. Alternatively, hit the button below to find out more.👇

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Read independent reviews


Concord is rated on G2 with a score of ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.2 - significantly lower than Juro - and isn't rated on Capterra at all. Concord has nine 1-3 star reviews, where Juro has none.

According to G2's direct comparison with Juro:

"When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found Juro easier to use, set up, and administer. Reviewers also preferred doing business with Juro overall.

  • Reviewers felt that Juro meets the needs of their business better than Concord.
  • When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Juro is the preferred option.
  • For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Juro over Concord.

Across the seven areas of comparison, G2's users found Juro to be the better solution across all seven, including:

  • Meets requirements
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of setup
  • Ease of admin
  • Quality of support
  • Ease of doing business with
  • Product direction

Read more here.

The following are from verified user reviews of Concord on G2:

"I have lost entire documents in Concord that my administrator could not find. I had trouble getting access to documents in Concord for people critical to the signature chain."

"Lack of automation, need to manually chase unsigned contracts ... formatting is a nightmare when copy and pasting"

"It created more problems than solutions - you're better off with Word/Excel"

"If you prepare a contract in Concord it will take approximately one hour, and what each sales person is doing is immediately extracting the Word document from Concord to then finish the contract offline, as this only takes 20 minutes"


Juro is rated on G2 with a score of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.7) and on Capterra with a score of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.8). Juro has no reviews of three stars or below on either platform, and leads the market in ease of setup and quality of support.

The following are verified reviews from Juro users on G2:

"Juro has helped with the speed of contracting, saving the legal team time to allow them to focus on higher-risk deals. On the flip side, the Sales team feels they are in greater control of their contracts and have better visibility over the contracting process. The time to close a small business contract was reduced from 2-5 days to 0-2 days"

"Thanks to Juro, teams within our business can send out clear, well-drafted, beautifully designed commercial agreements that can be signed quickly. Crucially, all of this can be achieved with minimal input from our legal team"

"We've created a workflow that is scalable, quicker, automated and allows other teams to self-serve their contracts. For a small legal team this is essential and has saved us so much time"

"Easy to learn, intuitive user interface, anyone can use it without training. The Q&A function is amazing and let me as a legal person focus on contracts which actually require my expertise in drafting and negotiating. The future is here!"

"If you're looking for a simple to use, but powerful piece of contract management software that will have a tangible business impact, Juro is worth evaluating"

"Juro's platform has significantly improved the efficiency of our legal function and has enabled our legal team to spend more time focusing on high-value work"

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to implement Juro?

Juro prioritizes fast deployments that get users to value quickly. While other vendors advertise six-month implementations, we think that's nothing to be proud of. On average our users reach value within 21 days of partnering with Juro, delivering quick ROI and sticky adoption that only grows with time.

Is Juro just for legal teams?

No - because contracts affect every team in the business. Juro supports cross-team deployments, with use cases across sales, HR, procurement, operations and many others commonly being brought into the platform. Legal teams can use Juro to deliver self-serve automation and collaborative workflows for their business colleagues, enabling them to close deals faster.

Would I still need to use Microsoft Word and an eSignature provider?

No. Don't waste time switching between tools - Juro is an all-in-one solution, covering everything from document creation through to secure electronic signature and beyond, al in one browser-based platform. 

Does Juro integrate with key business systems?

Yes. Juro integrates with Salesforce, Slack, Workday, Greenhouse, Gmail, GDrive and Zapier, as well as sh

ared drives and offering an open API / webhooks. Juro also offers company data integrations to make sure legal details are always accurate.

Which countries does Juro operate in?


Juro has powered more than 200,000 contracts for more than 1,000 companies in more than 65 countries, across Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.

Who are Juro’s investors?

Juro is backed by:

  • Union Square Ventures: the investors behind Twitter, Kickstarter and Coinbase.
  • Point Nine Capital: the investors behind Zendesk, Revolut and Typeform.
  • The founders of Indeed.com, Gumtree and Wise.

Can I import my contracts from another system?

Yes. Juro offers drag-and-drop import thanks to its AI-powered Contract Reader. You can also upload documents at scale with an accompanying CSV that automatically tags contracts with the right metadata. Alternatively if you have complex needs, we can manage the migration for you with flexible resource. Juro's customer success team can guide you through this process as part of our rapid implementation.

How can I get started with the switch to Juro?

Just talk to our commercial team to book a focused demo and find a plan that's right for you. Click here to book a demo.

Concord alternatives: all-in-one contract automation

If you're struggling to adopt or get value from Concord, there are lots of solutions on the market that might be right for your business.

  • Sales proposal software: if what you really need is for sales teams to be able to create and send out PDF proposals for signing, then there are a range of solutions, including PandaDoc and Qwilr, that could meet this part of your solution gap.
  • Contract lifecycle management: there are a range of legacy contract lifecycle management (CLM) providers aimed at enterprise customers (and priced accordingly) that offer a more traditional version of Concord's browser-based workflow. These include companies like Agiloft, Icertis and SAP Ariba.
  • All-in-one contract automation with Juro: similarly to Concord, Juro offers a browser-based end-to-end contract workflow to help legal teams and the businesses they enable agree contracts faster. However, Juro benefits from an intuitive UI and easy-to-integrate solution that is recognised by independent reviews as best-in-class for ease of setup and quality of support.

If you like the idea of Concord's browser-based workflow, but would benefit from a solution with faster implementation and easier setup, hit the button below to get in touch.

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