Introducing: The remote onboarding guide

Richard Mabey, 2 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, but people and talent teams at scaleups fortunate enough to still be in business must keep moving. 

Scaleups are all about growth. They can't afford to put hiring on the backburner, so teams need to find new ways to thrive in this strange, remote-first environment.

Where do you start? If employee onboarding is fully remote, how can you still make it successful, delightful, and human?

We tried it ourselves. Then, we gathered insights from HR and talent experts at CharlieHR, Sqreen, and People Collective, to explore every stage of the hiring process.

Find out what the experts had to say in our remote onboarding guide 👇


Inside you'll find chapters on:

  • Why great onboarding matters: Sqreen's Head of People, Alison Eastaway, explains why onboarding matters - and what you can do to make it great.

  • How to write the perfect offer letter: I share my experiences with offer letters, and how making them engaging and dynamic is an important step towards a delightful candidate experience.

  • Preboarding: from signing to starting. You heard correctly - preboarding is just as important as its better-known counterpart, onboarding. People Collective's co-founder, Matt Bradburn, explains what preboarding is, why it's important, and how it can enable your candidates from day one.

  • Onboarding: productivity and culture. The experts at CharlieHR are culture gurus - their CEO, Ben Gateley, shares his top tips for delivering a remote onboarding experience that'll make new joiners productive and happy.

I hope this guide helps you understand how to deliver a delightful and more human remote onboarding experience. Let us know what you think!

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