Juro vs SignRequest: feature comparison, pricing & alternatives

Juro knowledge team, 22 September 2021

SignRequest is an affordable, entry-level solution for companies that need an electronic signature. But is this basic functionality enough for companies that need to agree contracts at scale?

Let’s explore the features, pricing and limitations of SignRequest in comparison to Juro’s all-in-one contract automation platform. Use the menu below to navigate this page.

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Juro vs SignRequest: feature comparison




Rich text editor
Unlimited templates Business plans only
Natural language Q&A
Internal commenting
External negotiation
Custom branding
Binding eSignature with audit trail
Signing on mobile
Kanban board
Approval workflows
Conditional logic
Real-time dashboard
Dedicated customer success manager
User access levels
Single sign-on Business plan only
Bulk actions Business plan only 
Salesforce integration
Workday integration
Greenhouse integration
Gmail integration
Google Drive integration

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SignRequest provides an easy way to send and receive documents that require an electronic signature. It is one of the most affordable business solutions for getting documents signed electronically, and users find it fairly easy to use without a lot of training.

However, SignRequest is an eSignature tool, so may not be suitable for legal and business teams seeking a system with end-to-end contract workflow functionalities that enable them to create, review, negotiate, manage, and renew business agreements at scale, all in one place. 

According to reviews, key issues experienced by SignRequest users include:

  • Inefficient document prep process. Adding a signature field is a tedious and time-consuming process. It involves identifying the location to sign, identifying the field as a signature field, selecting who should sign, and then manually re-sizing the field.
  • Inadequate templates. Customers have limited access to a template function and it is difficult to use. Without the ability to customize and automate your contract templates, you can’t avoid the tiring document preparation process.
  • Inability to edit during processing. If you notice any mistakes, you cannot revise and resend your current document in SignRequest. Users have to abandon the progress made, fix the error, and start afresh.
  • No clarity or insight into contract portfolios. SignRequest lacks a useful way to organize and understand contract portfolios, unlike some software that provides a clear and informative dashboard.

In scaling businesses, visionary legal counsel and the business teams they support require an extensive set of features to efficiently manage, collaborate on and sign contracts. With an all-in-one contract automation platform, they can do all of these things in one unified workspace.  Let’s consider the many benefits of an all-in-one contract automation platform.


Juro benefits

🛠 Automated workflows and contract templates

Unlike SignRequest, Juro is custom-built to accommodate all stages of the contract lifecycle - not just the eSignature. With automated contract routing and tracking, users can ensure that reviews, approvals, and signatures go according to plan. Juro users can also set up alerts to ensure workflows progress on time and in the sequences decided by the contract owner. Juro’s automated workflow even includes an easy Q&A process that enables business colleagues to self-serve on standard contracts, using the templates provided by legal.


Use a natural language Q&A to empower other teams to self-serve on contracts.

🌐 A unified contract workspace

 Juro provides a single workspace in which to unify all your contracts and your contract processes. Legal teams and business users can create, review, negotiate, sign, manage, and renew contracts without ever leaving Juro. What's more, contract owners, internal stakeholders, and external parties can all collaborate on a contract in real-time on one, browser-based platform. Juro's unified workspace provides your company with the structure, transparency, and flexibility you need to manage an ever-growing number of contracts.

juro-kanban-board-unified-workspaceWork from one unified workspace with Juro's Kanban board.

✍️  Convenient, real-time editing

While SignRequest doesn’t offer contract negotiation or review features, Juro is designed specifically to allow parties to collaborate on and make instant edits to a live contract. Juro’s custom-built editor allows internal and external parties to leave comments in the sidebar to flag friction points, clauses that are awaiting approval, or ones that require further negotiation. Juro users can even tag additional stakeholders to request their insights on specific issues, and legal teams can retain control by restricting certain text edits and determining who can see what comments. 

negotiation-in-juro-contract-png (1)-minCollaborate on contracts in real time without leaving the browser.

📊 Up-to-date dashboards and data analytics 

In contrast to SignRequest, Juro captures critical data from your contracts, including but not limited to the status of a contract, the owner, renewal dates and cost per transaction. You can query Juro’s structured, data-rich repository in multiple, intuitive ways to instantly locate and audit all your contract information. Juro uses have access to data-driven dashboards that allow teams to stay up to date and access, evaluate, and share the contract metrics that matter most. Keeping track of your contract data means you'll never miss another contract renewal again.

juro-contract-renewal-table-png (1)-min

Track renewals easily with Juro's custom table views and automated reminders. 

SignRequest pricing vs Juro pricing 

SignRequest offers a free plan with limited options for a single user. Its Professional plan starts at $7 per month for each user, and its Business plan starts at $12 per month for each user. This low-level pricing is in line with other products and software that lacks additional capabilities beyond simple eSignature functionality.

Juro offers transparent, flexible, all-in-one pricing plans that suit any business, including a free plan. Pick the plan that’s right for you.

 Lite  Team  Business
 $59/user/month  $90/user/month  Let's talk.
 ✅ Template editor  ✅ Everything in 'Lite'  ✅ Everything in 'Team'
 ✅ Unlimited templates  ✅ Unlimited contracts  ✅ Single sign-on
 ✅ Internal commenting  ✅ Approval workflows  ✅ SAML
 ✅ In-browser negotiation  ✅ Custom table views  ✅ Bulk import
 ✅ Native eSignature  ✅ OCR + data extraction  ✅ Bulk actions
 ✅ Audit trails  ✅ Analytics  ✅ Salesforce integration
 ✅ Kanban dashboard  ✅ CSV export  ✅ Greenhouse integration
 ✅ Renewal reminders  ✅ Dedicated support manager  ✅ Workday integration
 ✅ Slack integration  ✅ User access levels  ✅ REST API
 ✅ GDrive integration  ✅ Zapier integration  ✅ Webhooks
 ✅ Company data integration  

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SignRequest may offer a good price for a basic eSignature solution, however, their product is restricted to basic eSignature functionalities and lacks the useful functions that fast-growing business and legal teams need to streamline and quickly agree on the increasing numbers of contracts they deal with. 

Juro is an all-in-one workspace that goes beyond eSignature and automates your contract workflows from creation right through to post-signature analytics. As a result, scaling businesses that use Juro benefit from more accurate, efficient, and reliable contract processes that are optimized for value. 


Read independent reviews 


SignRequest is rated on G2 with ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.6/5), with thirty-five 1-3 star reviews, and on Capterra with ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.7/5) with twelve 1-3 star reviews. 

Juro is rated on Capterra (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5) and G2 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/5), with no 1-3 star reviews on either platform.

The below are from verified SignRequest reviews from 2021, available on G2 and Capterra:

“It is time consuming every time I have to set up a document. I should be able to drag and drop signature spots, and also have a template that locates signatures in the same place on future documents."

“I am not fond of the prep time it takes to get the paperwork ready. Especially when there is a lot of paperwork to sign.”

“You cannot edit an email once it has been sent. for example if you have typed an incorrect email address, you have to start a whole new document, you cannot resend and edit the detail. This can be quite frustrating when you have a complex document with lots of signature fields and people who require signing.”

“The dashboard of documents is not remarkable, should be a way to organise the documents I have complete and the ones pending signature.”


Juro is top-rated on Capterra (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5) and G2 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/5), leading the category for Ease of Setup and Quality of Support. 

Juro users say:

"We've created a workflow that is scalable, quicker, automated and allows other teams to self-serve their contracts. For a small legal team this is essential and has saved us so much time."

“Everything goes much faster, templates are easily set up and the whole contracting process is streamlined and efficient beyond expectation.”

“We've cut down the time taken to create a contract by 96% and also made tracking of signatures much more visible. We can get a customised contract out to a customer in seconds rather than 30+ minutes now, are able to chat with customers and answer their questions within the contract itself, and get instantly informed via Slack when it's been signed.”

"Easy to learn, intuitive user interface, anyone can use it without training. The Q&A function is amazing and lets me as a legal person focus on contracts which actually require my expertise in drafting and negotiating. The future is here!"

💬 Top-rated customer support

You can also feel confident that we're as committed to your success with Juro as you are. You get real-time chat support from Juro along with a dedicated customer success manager to ensure you can always use Juro to its maximum capacity. Juro’s average response time is under five minutes, and Juro enjoys category-leading ratings for quality of support (9.7/10) and ease of admin (9.8/10) from independent G2 reviews.

Read more about users’ experience with Juro on G2 and Juro on Capterra or head over to our case studies to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

Is Juro's native eSignature legally binding?

Yes. Juro's secure native eSignature is also mobile-responsive, allowing you to sign on any device. Find out more about where eSignature is globally recognised.

Which countries does Juro operate in?

Juro has powered more than 200,000 contracts for more than 1,000 companies in more than 65 countries, across Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.

Who are Juro's investors?

Juro is backed by:

  • Union Square Ventures: the investors behind Twitter, Kickstarter and Coinbase.
  • Point Nine Capital: the investors behind Zendesk, Revolut and Typeform.
  • The founders of Indeed.com, Gumtree and Wise.

Can I import my contracts into Juro from SignRequest?

Yes. Juro offers drag-and-drop import thanks to its AI-powered Contract Reader. You can upload documents at scale, too, with a CSV that automatically tags contracts with the correct metadata. Alternatively, if you have complex needs, we can manage the migration for you with flexible resourcing. Juro's customer success team can guide you through this process as part of our rapid implementation.

How can I get started with the switch to Juro?

Have a chat with our commercial team to book a custom demo and find a plan that's right for you. Click here to book a demo.


SignRequest CLM alternatives: all-in-one contract automation 

If SignRequest doesn't appeal to you due to its basic functionality, lack of data analytics, or unpredictable pricing, these alternatives may be right for your business.

  • eSignature competitors: If you’re satisfied with a solution limited to electronic signing, vendors such as DocuSign, HelloSign, RightSignature, Eversign and GetAccept also offer the basic electronic signature functionality.
  • Contract lifecycle management: Enterprise-minded solutions from SAP, Ariba and Oracle offer Word- and PDF-based solutions aimed at large corporations. They are priced accordingly and usually involve 6-12 month implementations. You can discover more by exploring G2 Crowd.
  • All-in-one contract automation: Juro's all-in-one platform enables business teams to reduce several manual systems to one, covering the contract lifecycle end-to-end and delivering value at every stage. Benefit from self-serve automation, collaborative workflows and a data-rich repository for your contracts in just 21 days.

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