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Tom Bangay, 1 July 2019

Can’t be at Legal Geek today? Follow it live with updates from the Juro team. If you’re at the event, come say hi - we’re in startup alley.

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⏰ 18.05

Jimmy Vestbirk is wrapping the Legal Geek conference - another amazing year under its belt - and getting ready for the drinks, awards, and most importantly, Legal Design Geek tomorrow. If you met us on the stand today, or want to find out more about Juro, find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or request a demo. Congrats to Jimmy and his team on another stellar event 🙌

⏰ 17.44

There are Canadians on stage, talking about Wayne Gretzky and ice hockey within a matter of seconds. 🇨🇦⛸🏒

They're also here with a serious mission, to help consumers win, and access justice faster and more easily. "Those who serve consumers best will take home a disproportionate share of the market," say Chris Bentley and Hersh Perlis.


⏰ 17.28

Jules Miller at LunarCap Ventures is running through the law firms who've established venture funds for legal tech. There are at least 20 firms - the future of much of legal tech might depend on how these programmes perform ... but these aren't professional investors.


⏰ 17.23

In case you missed them - these guys were hard to miss 👇

⏰ 17.15

Dan Jansen at Nextlaw Ventures is running through how the GC is innovating to do more with less; includes a renewed focus on legal operations. More legal work will get done - but where it's done is up for grabs.

⏰ 17.00

Jimmy Vestbirk is definitely reading the blog on his phone, because cold beer is being distributed as we head back for the final session. Phew!

⏰ 16.54

One more session left in the main room, on incubators and investors. Perhaps the most crucial session of the day for many of the youngest companies here. But the startups are hungry for beer - it's palpable 🍻🍻🍻

⏰ 16.27

Nicole Bradick says:

Your features don't matter in your software if your interface sucks.


⏰ 16.23

"Don't worry, be crappy" and "kill your darlings" - testing and iterating seem painful but they deliver results, including 15,000 reads of our privacy policy. We're always on the hunt for legal design fans - come find us today or tomorrow, or on LinkedIn, to continue the conversation!

⏰ 16.20

Richard Mabey and Stefania Passera are talking about our viral privacy policy. If you like what you see, find out how we did it. Your GDPR compliance stakeholders will thank you 🙏

⏰ 16.11

Jonathan Patterson of DWF Ventures - a co-sponsor of tomorrow's event - is evangelising about our favourite topic, legal design. What's more, he's talking about the pain of contract lifecycle management without legal design. We didn't pay him to say these things.

⏰ 15.57

Julie Brannan at the SRA is getting serious with a talk about the SQE. The qualification process to be admitted as a solicitor is changing, with the goal of raising the bar across the board - particularly for lawyers that took a non-traditional route to practising.

⏰ 15.45

Lawtech all-star Mary Bonsor at F-LEX is explaining how to retain millennials at law firms. How to ensnare the ficklest of generations ...🤔

⏰ 15.10

Juro scribes taking a break but all kind of madness still to come, including Mary Bonsor from F-LEX, Alex Hamilton from Radiant Law and of course Richard Mabey from Juro✨on the main stage at 4pm. Legal Geek pros have now realised that there is filter coffee and you don't have to queue - back soon 💻

⏰ 14.49

Al Giles of Axiom Law is on stage, encouraging us to focus on the 'how' of legal - not the 'who', which has always been legal's obsession. How do we make the supply/demand relationship simpler and easier to achieve?

⏰ 14.33

Halebury CEO Denise Nurse - author of the vendor management chapter in our legal operations eBook - takes the stage and shares her journey in creating a law firm with a 50/50 gender ratio.

The elephant in the room is that law firms have been doing well without diversity, so why should we change? Well guess what, just because you give more to others, doesn’t mean there’s less for you - there’s abundance in our industry.

⏰ 14.26

Shmuli Goldberg bringing the home truths on stage - 92% of legal technology ultimately fails to be adopted. Make sure you identify what you actually need, and make sure you look at processes and people first. However, if you find yourself constantly asking 'Why am I spending so much time reviewing contracts?' - THAT'S the time to get started.

⏰ 14.20

Standing room only in the gargantuan main stage room at Legal Geek. It's come a long way from a basement full of pizza munchers 🍕🍕🍕 Next up - the first blockchain speaker of the day, Mike Cappucci at FoundationLab.

⏰ 14.01

First mention today of 💀SHELFWARE💀 - something we're obsessed with avoiding at Juro. Catherine Krow at Digitory Legal is underlining the importance of incentivising lawyers to commit to innovation and pilot programmes. How do you get lawyers to give up their time?

Catherine also highlights the rise of legal operations as transformative to her career. Read more in our legal operations eBook here.

⏰ 13.58

Hella Hoffmann, data scientist at Thomson Reuters, underlining the value of identifying your problem properly before you invest time and engineering building solutions, when it comes to the successful use of AI.

⏰ 13.41

Another Richard - Collins of the SRA - is in a suit and on the stage. Somewhere around 80% of small businesses apparently think legal services are unaffordable: how can we work together to improve access to justice?

⏰ 13.30

We're back! Legal AI guru Richard Tromans has the 🎙 in his 🖐 and is setting the scene for everyone in this room to change the means of production in legal.

⏰ 12.57

The Juro team is hungry. For lunch, that is. But they are too busy making friends and helping attendees get to smarter, faster, more human contracts ✨ - send burritos! 🌯x 5 🙏

⏰ 12.23

Back on the main stage, Alma Asay, CIO at Integreon, shares her experiences of starting and selling a lawtech startup, Allegory. Hard lessons but extremely valuable to a room of entrepreneurs.

⏰ 12.09

There's a rumour going around that the Attorney General is in here. 

We can neither confirm nor deny ...

⏰ 12.00

Legal design hero Marie Potel-Saville is explaining how she made the first digital-native influencer agreement. How do you get those 'gram addicts to sign on the dotted line? Do you even need a dotted line?!

P.S. If you're wondering how Marie got started with design-first contracting - check out a product called Juro.

⏰ 11.45

Juro is recaffeinated! Our CEO Richard Mabey is on the second stage talking about effecting change in-house with Ned Staple from Zoopla. "You can waste a huge amount of time working with products that have a bad user experience."

⏰ 11.20

Caroline Ferguson highlights what an exciting time it is to be a woman in lawtech - if you're looking for mentors, or more resources, head on over to Legal Geek's site for a helping hand. The scheme has already matched 44 mentors and mentees!

⏰ 11.10

Joanna Goodman highlighting the need for realistic role models at every level, from the Law Society President right the way down, and across every segment - childcare is not the only relevant solution. "We need the men of goodwill to get us there too."

⏰ 11.01

Shocking experience from Julia Salasky - a seed VC told her his fund would never invest in a sole female founder. 🤯🤯🤯 Lawtech, like all of tech, has a lot of work to do when it comes to gender equality. The overwhelming majority of VC funding goes to male founders.

⏰ 10.55

It's time for the Women in Lawtech panel with Joanna Goodman, Julia Salasky, Ivy Wong and Caroline Ferguson. Great moment to give a shout out to Joanna's book, Robots in Law: How AI is transforming legal services.

⏰ 10.29

The Rt Hon Lord Richard Keen didn't get the no-tie memo - he reflects on how far legal tech has come since he became a barrister, and how determined the UK government is to support and participate in the lawtech movement.

⏰ 10.15

George Biggar starts by emphasising the event’s mental health focus, bravely sharing his family’s story and encouraging everyone to look after their mental health. He went on to row around the world in world record time in memory of his mum.

⏰ 10.00 - Lift off

Jimmy Vestbirk kicks off legal tech’s most exciting conference, Legal Geek. Another year, another massive expansion: at 2000 people, the event is twice the size of last year. Last year was twice the size of the previous year. If Moore’s law applies to this conference then it’ll be a million people by 2025*.

Only space in the cheap seats - there are startups from 40 countries here today, and hundreds upon hundreds of lawyers who've burnt their ties and dug out their Converse.

*Haven’t checked this maths

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