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Sanaa Siddiqui, 16 October 2019

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Can’t be at Legal Geek today? Follow it live with updates from the Juro team. If you’re at the event, come say hi - we’re upstairs by the startup alley - and the food 😃

⏰ 17:30

Kira's Noah Waisberg usually has some wild prop-based action in his speeches and today is no different, as he swings the axe and we get ready to close the book on another dizzying, exhausting and inspiring Legal Geek conference. Thomson Reuters has already popped the beers, the afterparty is cranking up across the road and Jimmy Vestbirk is thanking everyone from on stage. As ever it's been an amazing event - see you all next year, or at Legal Design Geek tomorrow!

⏰ 15:50

Team Juro took a break from the blog as we were having too much fun and meeting too many cool people. But we're back! How is everyone's day?

⏰ 15:24

The disco stage is the coolest stage. Agree? Paul Hastings' Nikki Shaver is talking about the need for cross-functional, cross-industry expertise if we're going to see real change. 

This is true in-house too - look at the kind of expertise the legal team gathers at  Monzo, for example.

⏰ 14:40

What if you could make contracts work for everyone? Raul breaking it down on stage.

Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 15.53.03


⏰ 14:15

Hype building at the demo stage - are these the future megalithic superstar companies of legal tech? Let's find out!


⏰ 13:43

Missed Richard Mabey's talk? Here are the key takeaways:

Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 13.33.23

⏰ 13:33

Wild scenes as the Juro stand is so packed that people are only allowed upstairs one at a time. If you need a Juro demo but didn't get one, you can always head over to, hit the button in the top-right and request it!


⏰ 13:10

Nicole Bradick, of Theory and Principle, is one of the best in the business when it comes to tell the audience hard truths they might not want to hear - and making them laugh too. We're looking forward to her talk at Legal Design Geek tomorrow too!

⏰ 13:01

Team Juro is hungry but that will have to wait! In the meantime here is my hedge man selfie.



⏰ 12:29

If you're not watching Richard on stage (what are you doing?!) come and get a cup!

⏰ 12:27

Net Promoter Scores - not just for tech teams. Does your legal team track one, and what is it?


⏰ 12:24

Juro CEO Richard Mabey hops and skips onto the stage - he has an extended metaphor about OIL to share with you all!

⏰ 12:05

Amanda Smith, the MoJ's digital guru, dropping truth bombs:

"Being a changemaker is hard - find your tribe"


⏰ 11:51

Genie AI's CEO, Rafie Faruq, is on stage breaking down how to convert letters to numbers in a way that works for legal - we are deep into machine learning right now.


⏰ 11:30

SocGen know a thing or two about legal tech transformation - under the glitter ball they are sharing their learnings 👇 #discostageisthebeststage


⏰ 11:01

Freshfields urging law firms - stop hoarding your data! If you want to all move forward you need to collaborate - "it will pay you back!"

⏰ 10.48

The MoJ's Susan Acland-Hood certainly made an impression on Karl Chapman earlier. Karl is one of several must-follow accounts if you want the best quotes and moments from everywhere at Legal Geek.

⏰ 10:45

If you're wondering why there aren't many updates from the main stage, it's because it's so packed it took us 15 mins to get in! Simon Davis, President of the Law Society, is smashing it just like Christina Blacklaws did last year ...

⏰ 10:05

Are YOU in the queue? No wonder these tickets get snapped up like Glastonbury ...


Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 10.04.58


⏰ 09:20

THEY'RE BACK - stuff of dreams or stuff of nightmares? 😱

Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 09.31.50-1

⏰ 08:10

Less than two hours until lift off! 🚀 The team prepares to kick-start Legal Geek, the most exciting event in legal tech. This year looks to be bigger than ever - with over 2000 attendees from 40 countries. To find out what it's all about, we interviewed the founder of Legal Geek, Jimmy Vestbirk, ahead of schedule. Jimmy said:

"The conference will be polished and more focused on our three main audience groups: big law firms, in-house lawyers and tech companies. We have three stages and the sessions are mirrored to match those audiences. The demo stage will be categorized and should help attendees to explore the different types of solutions more effectively.

Also although we’ve kept the total attendee number the same, the physical footprint at Legal Geek has increased by 30%, with a dedicated food hall, a broader startup alley, and generally more space to network. There’ll be plenty of great content, but if what you’d really like to do is chat to as many people as possible, then we want to encourage that."

Read the full interview to find out more.

Come see us upstairs with the silver sponsors to find out more about Juro - here's a sneak preview👇



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