Case study: How Nested delighted their customers by making contracts more human

Alex McPhie, 1 July 2019

For most people, the contract they use to buy or sell a home is one of the most important documents they’ll ever see. We worked with innovative estate agency Nested to help deliver an awesome contracting experience to real people at a key moment in their lives.

Nested is an estate agency that saves you months of stress and uncertainty. On day one they put aside an advance amount and allow you to withdraw money from your home, if and when you need it, so you can buy your next home chain-free. They have an experienced agency team who will sell your home for the best possible price, even if you’ve already moved into your new one. Nested has been trading since January 2017 and has 80 employees. They have raised over $60m in venture capital funding.

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Sharief Abdel-Hadi is Nested’s Operations Associate. Together with the COO, he is responsible for dealing with contracts internally.

The challenge: what did Nested want to do?

As a fast-growing company with a distinctive offering, Nested worked hard to define the problem it was trying to solve. Their contracting process had to become:


Getting away from pen and paper and bringing legal documentation together into one online platform


Finding software flexible enough to populate its contracts by pulling information from their bespoke Nested CRM


Contracts had to be stored centrally in a manner secure enough to satisfy GDPR and safeguard client information


The ability to adjust and amend contracts electronically over time, collaborate on and review contracts as a team, and handle multiple iterations


The solution had to be robust enough to grow from ten contracts a month to hundreds


Nested wanted detailed reporting on when and how quickly contracts were being sent out and returned, down to the individual team-member

Beyond these key requirements, Nested wanted something that delivered a great experience to customers. “We needed people to be wowed by a legal document, which is not easy. Buying a house is a very important moment in someone’s life, and to be able to deliver the legal bit, which is usually stressful and ugly, in a way that is neither of those things, was really key.”

"The team absolutely loved Juro. We found it so simple, intuitive and easy to use - everyone was onboard straight away."

The Solution - why Juro?

“We were looking at a number of different vendors and Juro seemed to be the most flexible. They took the most interest in our business and how we worked, and it was also the product that offered the most interesting roadmap with features that we’d use. It was also more visually appealing than a lot of the other software – being design-led was a big factor for us as we want to give an amazing customer experience and not send people something that looks like it came out of Word ‘97 – we want them to have a wow experience as it’s the first piece of of official documentation they’ll receive from us.”

Juro is also designed to deliver self-serve legal automation, which was a key factor for Nested as its operation continues to scale dramatically: “Not having to go through the Juro team every time we needed to adjust the templates was a real plus.”

In January 2018, Nested implemented Juro to manage the sales contracts that enable their customers to move chain-free and hassle-free. “At first it was just me setting up templates with the Juro team,” the focus was on preparing templates so that they could be used easily by the wider Nested team. Within about a month, eight users were working with the new contracts.

"Where previously it would take between 15 and 25 minutes in a Word document to set up a contract for one customer, with Juro it takes less than a minute"

“Once the team were using it, they absolutely loved it. It makes it so easy to create a customer contract compared to before. Where previously it would take between 15 and 25 minutes in a Word document to set up a contract for one customer, with Juro, it takes less than a minute. We found it so simple, intuitive and easy to use – everyone was onboard straight away.”

A key feature of Juro is its ability to integrate with all the systems fast-growing companies love to use, including Google Drive, Slack and Salesforce. For the team at Nested, this meant a major upgrade for internal processes – and an uplift for morale.

“Receiving notifications when contracts are signed via Slack integration is incredibly useful – previously, the whole process sat with one individual salesperson, who would be scanning a contract into an email and sending it out, which would then be printed, signed and sent back – it was very slow. Now the salesperson sends the contract, and we get a Slack notification into the sales channel as soon as it’s been signed. We can all see the signature come in, celebrate together and get motivated - it helps keep our momentum up.”

The results: faster, smarter, more human contracts

25 minutes down to less than one is an eye-catching efficiency for issuing new contracts. “Now we’ve adopted Juro, things certainly move faster - being able to send out multiple contracts in a day is a big step forward.”

“Now we've adopted Juro, things certainly move faster - being able to send out multiple contracts in a day is a big step forward."

The team found that Juro met the requirements they set out to find.

Its platform provided end-to-end digital contracting; the platform’s robust API offering is flexible enough to integrate directly with their CRM and surpassed anything else they had seen; collaborative features means multiple users can work on the same contracts; its cloud platform is secure; its in-depth reporting means the Nested team can be data-driven; and its speed of turnaround makes the solution scalable enough to help drive Nested’s growth.

Beyond the core features, Nested found that Juro delivered a solution that complemented theirs, giving customers a great contracting experience at an important moment in their lives. "Juro’s solution has not only made a big impact on our contrat workflow, but with a great interface that also reflects Nested’s business - young, customer-obsessed, tech-focused and design-driven - the customer gets a great experience too."

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