Remote implements Juro to supercharge contract process

Sanaa Siddiqui, 9 July 2020
  • Remote is replacing its eSignature platform with Juro, automating the end-to-end contract process.

  • Juro will help Remote remove bottlenecks in contract negotiations and reduce time-to-sign.

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Remote, the disruptive global tax, payroll, HR and compliance solution for distributed teams, has implemented Juro as its contract collaboration platform. Remote will be replacing its eSignature platform with Juro, agreeing and managing contracts in one unified workspace. 

Juro replaces a time-consuming, manual process, where negotiations delayed time-to-sign and there wasn’t a source of truth for managing contracts post-signature. Juro’s platform offers a centralized system where Remote can generate, negotiate, agree and manage contracts with customers and employees. 

Juro will be used by sales, international expansion, global operations and people operations teams at Remote. Over the next three months, Remote expects to add 500 contracts to the platform, creating standardized templates for employment contracts, SLAs, MSAs, and more. 

Filipa Matos, VP international expansion and people ops at Remote, said:

Juro has made our life simpler with an intuitive platform and high-touch customer service,  allowing us to have a much more efficient internal process while we focus on our vision and mission.”

Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of Juro, said:

“I’m thrilled to welcome Remote to the Juro community. Juro will help streamline Remote’s contract process as the business continues to scale, allowing Filipa and her team to focus on what matters most: growth.”

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