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Josephine Hanschke, 1 July 2019

Missed our live webinar? Experts from Juro explored the most effective ways to unblock contract pain points and scale legal's workflow, with Juro's expanded feature set. Catch up on what you missed here, with the slides and recording below.

We know that contracts can often leave legal feeling like they're perceived as a blocker; but with the right features, and a human approach to contract management, legal's workflow can be scaled, improving relationships with the business and boosting ROI. To address the common pain points, we covered:

  • Creating a home for all your contracts in the Juro templates library
  • Using a conversational Q&A flow to create contracts seamlessly
  • Faster and smarter internal collaboration with redlining and seamless approvals in-browser
  • Mobile-responsive documents and legally binding e-signature, helping you to get to yes faster

Watch the recording below:

If you'd like to learn more about using Juro to remove blockers, improve business relationships and supercharge your legal workflow, request a demo today and find out how Juro could save time and reduce risk for your business.

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