Tiney integrates with Juro to automate high-velocity contracts

Sanaa Siddiqui, 11 January 2021
  • Tiney is implementing Juro to deliver a seamless user experience and free teams from manual processes.
  • Tiney joins a client list that includes Deliveroo, Secret Escapes and Babylon Health.

LONDON, JANUARY 2020 - Tiney, the childcare service provider, has replaced manual processes across multiple systems with Juro, the contract automation platform.

Before Juro, Tiney’s community and product teams would input information into a contract template before sending it to the counterparty, which became more of a time-consuming task as contract volumes increased.

With Juro integrating with Tiney’s system to help Tiney automate high-velocity routine contracts, the community and product teams can dedicate their time towards more high-value work. 

Juro offers teams full visibility on the contract process, allowing them to manage version control and automate contracts end-to-end.

The mobile-optimized eSignature feature enables users to sign contracts from any device, at any time - resulting in a streamlined in-app signing process and a positive user experience overall. 

Over the past three months, Tiney has created over 90 childcare agreement contracts in the platform. 

Edd Read, CTO at Tiney, said: 

“Juro has meant that we can generate contracts automatically as part of our users’ onboarding to the service, prompt for signatures within the app and keep them updated when signed by both sides.” 

Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of Juro, said: 

“We're thrilled to welcome Tiney to the Juro community - we’re looking forward to helping the community and product teams automate and supercharge their contract process as they continue to scale.”

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